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  1. Hey Seriesofseven Interesting the reception you received. Maybe the pistol - can't really say. Sure is a pretty girl in there as well. Good enough for me. Your .454 and my .357 should work out nicely. I don't always carry mine but as am legal to do so often do. All kidding aside......... Welcome seriesofseven. I live in Bend and fish trout, bass locally, and up in your neighborhood steelhead and sturgeon. Last year fished 15 states. From east coast to west coast. Some north.....Some south..... Send me a PM if you would like and would readily share all that I know. Been doing a bunch of tying lately in anticipation of the coming trout season. Weather has been horrific here. Cold.....Cold....Cold... Found the hybrid stripers in Oregon and off and away as soon as the weather breaks. Or maybe the Nestucca for steelhead once the roads achieve a state of ice-free. Or..... the wife says go fishing and quit talking about it!!!!! My kind of wife. As for finding fishing partners. I am open as all know. Give me a call and likely as not I'll be ready. Later Fred
  2. Nice Pictures Guys!!!! Fall is still way north but the rest will come on soon. Thankx for all the postings guys. This is going to be a nice grouping of photos. Keep posting. A little walk along the shore of Suttle Lake, Oregon. later Fred
  3. Hey Chris....really like that bee. You can see his tongue as he sucks nectar. Too Cool Went for a walk with the wife looking for fall shots and the Brown Trout. Found the Kokanee Spawning. Came back the second day and found some interesting shots. This pool is full of Kokanee. Jumping and tailing all over the place. Along comes these Mallards. Every picture of the male he is thrashing the bottom and she is scarfing up whatever he is knocking loose. Eggs? By a duck???? What do you think about cropping an image? Really felt I should crop out the high lighted area. Any opinions? Wife and her idea of fishing!! later Fred
  4. WOW!!! That's all I can say is WOW!! very nice Graham. later FRed
  5. Getting close here and should be close to the same parallel or perhaps a little south. Very nice pictures. The whole hillside. Very Very Nice!!!!! Thankx for sharing later Fred
  6. Thankx Graham.... Chris I don't know about competing but you sure get kudos for the beautiful closeup. The colors are fantastic. Never seen a flower with such a configuration in the center. Very Nice!!!! later FRed
  7. Interesting flower this guy. Closes up at night and opens each day. Always love the flower in the flower effect. Pardon me its a Gazinia later Fred
  8. Happy Birthday to you!!!Happy Birthday to you!!! Have enjoyed visiting with you!! Hope you have a nice day!!!! later Fred
  9. Had to go to Portland to VA. Involved crossing the Santiam Pass. a little over 5k feet. Lava rock and Vine Maple. The Oaks are starting to change and the Maples as well. Soon!!! later Fred
  10. Thankx KVRNUT .... The shots are beautiful. I must say you need to be careful!!! Beautiful area and exceptional pics. What have you for filters @ 62mm?? later Fred
  11. Welcome young man. Knots and fishing go together hand and glove. Good looking knots. I too like knots. Had my son doing a knot board at the age of 6. He likes knots to this day. Good on you!!!! jump in and have fun. later Fred
  12. Thankx JRG for clarifying those points you spoke of. The first words I spoke on Mad Cow was to say it was not a virus but a viron. The purpose in the entrance of this element was to show another element of science regarding major diseases such as Mad Cow Disease. When Mad Cow Disease was discovered, scientists said that it could not mutate and move to humans. If it did move it would take approximately 30 years to do so. The premise was shown faulty when a 27 year old man died within 4 years of exposure. Scientists cannot say that which deals with the unknown. I did make some generalities relating to viruses. The focus of my words was that it was the reproductive cycle where in lies the problem. My point was the all viruses replicate in the same manner. Not that all viruses are alike in their effects. I believe JRG confirms this premise. My other point was that when discovered the current and histortical methodology in dealing with birds is to burn them. This was confirmed in the original article and with the submission by Fish" n feind. Didn't mean to cause a squabble!! Only wanted to say it is bad and going to get worse. Also, when it gets rolling the changes are going to be dramatic. later Fred
  13. Never meant to infer that products were unsafe. Would not even suggest that current products or future products were unsafe. I am speaking only of viruses. This virus is one of if not the strongest ever. That is all that I wish to convey. This is a very strong virus for which I do not believe there is a "100 ton brick." I only wish to say that if this bird flu gets going the changes will be dramatic. The properties of viruses are rather uniform. Different viruses have different effects on humans. All effects are accomplished in the same manner. The manner that viruses reproduce is the problem. I recently studied at Oregon State University. In plant pathology we were lectured by a professor from Russia. He is one of the leading scientist in the field of viruses at the present time. A brilliant man. He has been working on the aids virus for several years. We do have control of some viruses but only in the context of gene manipulation. It is the basis of which I speak. Having recently studied these factors in a scientific community. Sorry to present any other thought than what I have expanded upon here. later Fred rereading I see where I have mislead you. My same scientists are those people who feel the scientific and technical community can solve problems such as these. The only thing they have in common is that they are scientists and believe that science can solve these problems.
  14. Science has never even begun to control or even reduce the effects of a virus. Virus's can live in the ground for 25 years and upon reaching the surface are ready to rock and roll again. The temps they can withstand are phenomenol. Mad Cow Disease is a Viron much like a virus and also unable to control. Hmmm seem to recall the eradication method was fire. Not many feathers left after a fire. The same scientists who say there is no problem are the same ones who say pooh to global warming. Same group said we'll prove it. Ozone is readily created by iron filings in salt water. They actually dumped iron filings into the ocean to test the premise. OOPS Iron filings do not stay in suspension. They sink to the bottom and thus no suspension no ozone creation. Not heard much from this group. By the way, same group says that if they have to will create super greenhouses for all to live in. These guys can fix anything. Can't they?????? later Fred
  15. My comment regards this 100 ton brick. Where is it in Asia? Where is it in Africa? No such thing as Global Warming and if there is such a thing then We Will Fix it. Ever heard this song and dance? Bird flu is big and its going to get bigger. The quarantines have already begun and I suggest that feathers are going to be hard to come by. Any idea what the survival rate in humans is after contracting this disease? When this thing gets rolling birds are going to be put down and it won't matter whether they tested true or not. It's only a bird and we are humans. Thus, the birds have to go!! Time will tell. I hate to be a doomsday promoter but, doomsday it is. Time? Not long - a few years maybe. Try to get an Indian Saddle one time and see what has happened in that category. later Fred would be happy to elucidate if anyone would desire the source of my prediction.
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