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  1. Steeldrifter, Not sure if this question has been asked in the past. Have you ever driven a full sized model? Michael
  2. Making sawdust in the shop yesterday, had a couple of mosquitoes buzzing about my head. It was 22 degrees outside and there is 15-18" of ice on the pond. I know this whole "Climate Change" is an ongoing discussion, but mosquitoes in February is a bit odd. Michael
  3. Was this in Texas? Michael
  4. They are 37" in length, I only need 4.25" to make one and there are 200 in the rack.... I'm too tired to do the math. These will give something to do for a while. Michael
  5. I think it wood be a great trip (pun intended). We have a couple bat companies with in a drive here in Maine. One of them, sometimes will have Birdseye and Curly Maple. I've even heard tell of the occasional Flaming Birch. These came to me in the form of a trade for time vs. stock. I thought it was a great trade as did the other involved. I tried to convince him that we had agreed to throw in a few hundred feet of Yellow Heart. He didn't remember that part of the conversation. However he did throw in approx. 20sq/ft of Brazilian Cherry flooring. Michael
  6. I was asked to make some Biscuit Cutters. I have a couple of Bat Blanks I could use that are the perfect size to make 2 1/2 Biscuits. Michael
  7. Good evening Stu, Do you have any info as to how or where we could purchase one or two? Michael
  8. Would this work? https://www.jsflyfishing.com/peak-fishing-peak-bobbin-rest I see it will fit any 3/8 post. Michael
  9. Maine, undisclosed location due to duck hunting pressure. Stunning morning to be on the water, terrible morning to be duck hunting. Michael
  10. Houston Brook Falls Pleasant Ridge Plantation Maine
  11. Dull and dreary day. Couple if snow flakes here and there. Finally sat down at the vise and started to get ready for spring. Started with a March Brown wet. then realized I am out of Guides Choice Hares Ear Also realized I was out Hungarian Partridge so I used some Wood Cock I harvested this year. I think it will work. Michael
  12. I'll ad my two cents, I personally tie on a Peak with either standard or saltwater jaws. This vise is more than I will ever need for the rest of my time tying. That being said I would also take a look at the Jurassic Series that Peak makes. One other thing about Peak is that the "C" clamp base is by far the strongest I have ever tied with. The other manufacturer I would seriously look into is HMH. Their "Standard" model with magnum jaws would be the cats a$$. I have tied on a couple of these at shows and was extremely impressed with he fit and finish. They are super smooth and have the feeling as if they are indestructible. Michael
  13. Mikechell, When you are set up, give me a shout. There were a couple of interesting points that I learned while turning this. Michael
  14. Made a earring carousel as a gift for Christmas gift. It came out pretty good. Had some Birds Eye Maple and Walnut. Michael
  15. Jamieofthenorth, These are going to slay them on the Machias this year. Great tie. Dividing wing is not an easy task to master. Doing a great job so far. Michael
  16. Mikechell, They had it made for me. It sounds fantastic. Has a really soft, quite side and I have not been able to blow too hard on it. I'm really impressed. I asked them to introduce me to this person. Maybe I too can turn a call or two. Michael
  17. I know this isn't fly tying stuff... YET. Oldest daughter and husband had a custom duck call made out of Myrtle wood and African Blackwood. Next fall it will make some fly tying stuff!
  18. If 2020 were a word math problem: If you are in a canoe going down a river a 2.56mph and a wheel falls off, how many liters of pancake mix would it take to shingle your roof? Michael
  19. May this season bring you the love and joy of holding a puppy!
  20. DFoster, This is by far my favorite nymph patter. I have caught Brook Trout, Salmon, Yellow and White Perch, Crappy, Lake White Fish, Fall Fish, Large and Small Mouth Bass. It has worked extremely well for me. Good luck fishing it. Michael
  21. You are spot on. One of my friends has a nickname for me... "My own retriever bitch". Michael
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