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  1. All- received flies and they are awesome. Talented group and surely ready now to catch some streel. Great swap and thanks everyone!!
  2. Mine went out this past Saturday, thanks for hosting!!
  3. After much consideration on which favorite pattern to tie for the GL, I decided to go with one I recently started tying and have had tremendous success this year on the Salmon River. Will be sending 12 psycho prince nymphs out this week. PM me your address and I will confirm when sent. Thanks!!
  4. Just FYI, you have me on the list twice. Didn't want to occupy 2 spots...thx
  5. I am definitely in. Fly to be determined shortly
  6. I am interested in GL steelhead fly swap.
  7. Super awesome flies arrived today. Thanks for hosting Tyler, excellent flies everyone!!
  8. Will have them in the mail by next week, can I have the address please? Thx
  9. I would like to join this swap. Will be my first one and looking forward to it. I could do a steelhead stone. I am good with the rule but can you just explain toe tag?
  10. I bought the access. Same rod blanks as the Helios and half the price. Plus can't beat 25 yrs replaced no questions on any of their rods.
  11. crw4374


    Just joined the forum and wanted to say hello. Looking forward to spending a lot of time here.
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