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  1. Worms are the gold standard haha
  2. I guess i prefer softies but i never tryed winged wets tho
  3. the river i mainly fish starts as a waterfall great for trout all year but im on vacation my home is to snowy to fish so im in the desert i guess all the fish out here are different
  4. I have never seen anyone else fly fish around me ever. And i have fished in 4 states now GA,WV,PA,AZ never see any fly fishermen at rivers just on lakes for bluegill which i catch alot in the summer
  5. Bass like them long legs on strippers...... ooopppss i ment streamers
  6. ik but 6 trips in a row no nibbles grrrrr and on top of that im more pissed cuz my freaking dog at my bucktails
  7. You guys are awsome made my day all better
  8. YOu guys with your jokes i love you people
  9. I didnt even get a nibble so pissed
  10. Just wondering Cuz when i go tomorrow its a full arsenel 1 catfish rod 1 flyrod and a spinner rod im getting atlest one
  11. I plan on using thread midges and emurgers. And bright streamers for bass im going eairly so would they hit top water?
  12. Sur3-Shot

    Super bowl

    Have fun at your parties guys. Imma tie flys instead.
  13. haha ur too funny But everyone thanks for the info
  14. Just wondering how long i should wait ?
  15. Im after wat ever bites man cats bass bluegill crappie anything in the lakes
  16. I have tied an assortment of flies for bass and trout. What can i use in Arizona Lakes in cold water? If you have a video idd like to see so i can try to tie your flies. Please and thank youu
  17. very bad send them to me they need proper disposal but seriously i love em nice tye
  18. LMAO haha dude your awsome best laugh this week lol but i have 999 warning points
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