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  1. Thanks all. This is a new hobby, and I need all the help I can get. Moving to Indiana from California was like landing on Mars. We have "Blue Laws", ice storms, and salty roads all winter. Some of which I expected. But I moved into a very strange, to me, fishing enviroment. One thing I really miss is National Forest Land. I can't even find a retention pond in a local housing developement that allows non residents to fish there. They're the best as you rarely see tress nearby to snag your line. Jay
  2. Growing up in California, all I fished for were trout. there was nothing else in them thar lakes. Here in Indiana, I have no idea what may bite my hook. I've bait fished and caught Bluegill and had a small mouth on a spinner once. And that's about it. What are some good flys for a beginner to tye for this part of the country. I'm signed up for tying classes in a couple weeks and hope to get some more pointers. I did get a change to talk to the teacher, and he told me the class has moved away from strictly trout flys to more warm water fish.
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