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  1. I have been using a reverse tapered leader of 50lb mono (4-5 ft) to 80lb flouro (2 ft) with a cross locking snap on the end, and I haven't had any issues. You'll want to check the line near the snap after each fish. However, while I haven't had any issues with the set up, I've heard of many others that have, so, I will not be swapping out the flouro for a knot-able bite wire. I will still use a cross locking snap.
  2. I dig it. Don't see why that wouldn't work. I'm sure it's a lot more durable than a 1 fish fly.
  3. Those look good. What size hook are they tied on?
  4. My vote goes with the Peak. It was the first vise, and it has served me well for 4 years now. I've tied musky flies with 6/0 hooks down to a size 12 with no problem. With the big hooks you just need to find right spot for where the vise will hold the hook securely.
  5. That's awesome! I don't see that as a problem. The pike look like their complaining either. ha
  6. I received a goodie bag of prizes from Misfit Fly Co. and it included some tube material. I have never fished a tube fly or seen one in person. Here was my first attempt. I had no idea what to use as material, so, I just went with what I had on hand. It was actually fun to tie, and see how adding the disc gave the material some body. It'll be interesting to see this one in the water. Material list -EP Fibers -Flash -Tube -tube disc (don't know the correct term) -Misfit Holo Head I would love to hear of suggestions on materials. I know that I could use some hackle, but that's about all I know that would look good on these.
  7. Nice looking flies, and wow! That is an awesome carp! Good job
  8. That def looks like a bluegill. Bass would eat that up!
  9. That's not ugly at all! Looks really good to me! It would definitely catch bass around here.
  10. Those look really good! I would be conserned about the long leader getting tangled, like Phish mentioned. I'm sure they'll catch fish though.
  11. Thanks, for all of the replies and information! I greatly appreciate it! I am going to look in to all of the different lines that were mentioned, and I'll let you know what I decided to go with. Im liking the idea of the floating running line. I've seen some line that have a 10' of sink and the rest is floating. Trying not to over think it, but I dont want to buy the wrong product for what I want to accomplish.
  12. So, I love to fish streamers for bass. I'm having a hard time deciding on a fly line I can line my extra spool with. I use an 8'6" 5wt. I've tying a lot of flies using EP fibers. I want the fly to sink, but not sink at a crazy rate. I like to fish both lakes and rivers, so, something that would be versatile that I could use with streamers on a river or small stream.
  13. Excellent paint work! Those are some fine looking poppers.
  14. Nice work! I was thinking about doing the same thing. I'm glad you posted this, otherwise, I would have had the same colorful hand problem. haha
  15. That's one sharp looking fly!
  16. Those are some very nice buggers! I love the white ones. Like Kirk said, they look electric!
  17. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="blackdog1101" data-cid="536471" data-time="1360273022"><p> Those will all catch panfish. One suggestion though, keep the tails short. Since bluegills often "peck" at flies, they could possibly peck at the maribou tail on #3, and not get to the hook. Keep up the good work!</p></blockquote>Thank you, for the advice guys! You're totally right about them pecking at the back. I will make some others and keep their trails shorter, and add rubber legs.
  18. I tied these up with Bluegill, and other panfish in mind. Some very simple patterns. The purple one was my first attempt at working with dubbing. Terrible I know. haha. Like with anything, you can only get better with practice.
  19. My EP fiber baitfish patterns have improved. I feel I am trimming the fibers better, and giving them a better shape. I also wrapped some .20 wire for some weight on the hooks prior to tying the material on. I still haven't attempted a cone head weight, again. I also started using Clear Cure Goo, and their eyes (the last one pictured). I really dig the look and quality of their eyes, and I think I'll be using them from now on. Oh, and don't mind Kris Angel haha I call that pattern the "illusion"
  20. That's some excellent work! That second one looks killer
  21. I own two of these boxes from Allen Fly Fishing, and they are great. Inexpensive IMHO. http://www.allenflyfishing.com/guide-fly-case/
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