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  1. Very well done Terje, the color variation is wonderful. A benchmark tie...
  2. That is one sweet tie Terje...
  3. Nippers, the $1.00 nippers from a drug store cut mono just fine. There's one pair I'll never buy, but i won't open that can.
  4. Terje's eloquently tied body quill dries have always inspired me, I got some in a few colors and wanted to share them with you all. The potential this material has seems endless, I'm really looking forward to experimenting with it.
  5. Yep, that's one fine looking piece... Enjoy!
  6. I'd look around before buying the one in your op. For that kind of money you can get one much nicer, but not necessarily too big for your place.
  7. The above is the way to go, you're asking for a difficult thing to explain.
  8. This was exactly what I was going to suggest. Take as much space as you possibly can, even if it means a squabble. You will need it, you know what you need, don't get stuck with a closet size area. You'll regret it and it will only cause bigger arguments in the long run.
  9. Flies came today, everyone's ties are great! Hope you all like mine as well. Thanks Ebrant for hosting.
  10. I've never owned or tied on a regal so I can't compare the two, but I do have a barracuda that I've been tying on for over 15yrs and have never had an issue. I have the midge jaws as well with no complaints. Like said tying vises are a very personal item, I couldn't imagine tying on any other.
  11. Very nice ties, love how you have them set up. Gonna go and see what you're talking about with the vid, my interest is peaked.
  12. Geez, and I thought I paid too much for a barracuda... On the other hand if people will pay, I say good for him.
  13. Can you say man cave? Got anything current in those specimen bottles there? I like the small stream outfit on the wall, is that the new 000 wt.? I have the same wader/rods ornament for our Christmas tree. Real nice set up you have there, if the wife brings up something about an intercom system to help get you out of there resist at all costs!
  14. Very cool, like how you lined up the wonderland entrance with the pieces on the wall.
  15. Great tying station, love your choice of reading material.
  16. Very good, I'll be watchin the mail for them.
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