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  1. I have two most memorable fishing time When I was younger growing up in New Hampshire, my dad owned a local business, he worked hard to provide for us and I never really got much chance to spend time with him but every now and then on a Sunday morning after breakfast he would take me to what is still my favorite trout stream and we would fish, well I should say try to fish because I spent more time getting snagged in the trees and he would spend his time trying to get my line out of them. He never complained about doing it even to this day, whenever I mention it he just laughs. We don't get the chance to fish anymore together as time and age seems to have a way of stopping that, but I always think of those days whenever I am able to get to that brook. The second was Fathers Day this year my daughter, who used to fish with me when she was younger but at some point she grew into a beautiful young woman and now is in college, woke me early on fathers day and said I had to get up now. I got up got dressed and asked what was the problem? she said that for fathers day that she was taking me fishing. She had bought her licence and gotten the fishing gear together and out the door we went. She caught more trout that day than I did but I didn't care. For a while, the sun was out, the fish were there and my daughter had given my the greatest memory.
  2. I would love to make some of these. What length and size hooks are the best choice to make these with?
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