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  1. Just finished voting .WOW there were some good flys in there . You all did a GREAT job. Keep up the good work .
  2. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Riverfloat: BH rubber leg hares ear
  3. The mongoose is what I tie on .Even take it as a travle vise ,have it and various material in plano 7271 box to keep with me when I go.Realy like it .Havent had any trouble w/ O ring as yet.
  4. Try this stroke fibers back from tip cut tip tie in by tip wrap hackle Hope this is what you needed
  5. MATERIALS Hook: Straight eye, Wide gap, like the Mustad 37187 Thread: Monocord, in Olive or green Rump: Bunches of deer body hair, green on top, yellow below Body: Stacked and spun green, yellow and white deer hair Legs: Green and yellow bucktail, with the butt ends facing backward Eyes: Plastic (hollow are available commercially, but original were solid and made by Messinger) TYING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Spin green and yellow deer body hair over the 1/3 rear of the hook. Pack tightly and trim to a tapered shape to form the rump. 2. Select 2 bunches of bucktail (1 green and 1 yellow). Layer so green is on top and yellow on the bottom. Place the end of a heavy thread within the bunch of deer hair and tie the both the thread and the deer hair on the side and in front of the spun deer hair rump with the bucktail butts facing backward. The leg should extend beyond the rump by the length of the hook shank. 3. Insert a straight pin inside the leg and wrap a size D thread around the bucktail bunch, the thread and the straight pin to form a knee joint. Tie off the thread, bend the knee and cement the knee joint. Cut off the excess length of the straight pin. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other leg. 4. Trim the legs to provide a uniform leg ending 5. Spin deer hair for the front two-thirds of the body. Tie off, cement and trim the body to a full rounded shape. 6. Go catch some bass I found this Bob hope it helps alittle
  6. Terry's right rubber legs or soft hackle collars help ALOT try putting legs on hares ear nymphs or to bully flys Even catch large minnows.Its all a Great time :yahoo: Water temp was @ 47° last week when I caught several gills & minnows.Not real big but had a blast
  7. The mouth does look alot like the snakehead The fins are different though, wonder if they are of the same family
  8. Now I'm fishing mostly nights for trout ,so a wolly bugger type w/o the palmered hackle.In either black ,olive or black w blue collar all have peacock herl body.Fish most of time w/ two at a time.
  9. Hold the hair in a light pinch, pull the longest fibers from the bunch and realign them into the bunch, evening up the tips. This takes several times to even the tips as much as possible.Calf tail is difficult to even in a hair stacker, You may find this method faster and easier.It works with many different hairs synthetic and natural also hackle fibers .Just takes alittle practice.
  10. Dont like to spin deer hair cant get two the same :wallbash: But have to take the bad with the good :dunno:
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Riverfloat: Darter (click link for more info)
  12. I like it ,seems to get a more eratic movement .If the knot stays on top can realy get the nose to dive w/sink tip line,when stripped..Thanks guys
  13. I use alot of craft fur anymore it sinks well ,dont have to use as much eye. That way also use smaller hook put eye on the front 1/3 of shank to get it to nose drop or put eye a little farther back to drop more even.
  14. I started out with one that came in my bass kit.Then moved up to a cheap rotating one ,now I use a Griffin Mongoose the only problem i have is when you rotate it upside down the vise sometimes gets in the way.Loooking at ther Griffin Patriot as a backup vise.
  15. Go to tying classes on Tuesday nights at Bass Pro and the 1st and 3rd monday at Backcountry Outfitters .I try to tye at least an hour a night and a couple on the weekends. Give alot of them away at our Fly Fishing Club or on the waters I fish.
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