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  1. Hi, Sent in a paypal form [email protected] with no address Dan Fitzgerald 24 Sunset Avenue Chelmsford Ma 01824
  2. Somebody contact him, two choices. he is late by mistake. He is full of it. Before any remarks I;d say to this somebody in person, not just via the internet. I;ve had a very bad week at work, having to play nice and hold my tongue with people and OSHA
  3. Hi, Due date was yesterday, is everybody in?
  4. Not a problem. And I really do hate computers, I don't care if we control them, they can have a mind of their own.
  5. Hi, I hate computers, and I'm an engineer. I responded to every request for an address you sent via email. Sorry for the confusion. Dan Fitzgerald 24 Sunset Avenue Chelmsford Ma 01824
  6. Hi, What are you refering to as a dogfish. In the Northeast thats a sandshark, but I don't think they think swim that far inland.
  7. Flies are tied up for a few days now, but I have to tag them. What is this?
  8. Hi, I have four tied and four halfway tied. I wasn't happy with the way the rattlin zonkers were coming out, the rattles I purchased were too long. So after doing some searching I settled on a deer hair slider. The fuzzy photo was taken with my phone.
  9. I tied a thunder creek using craft fur. Brown over tan, with a mylar tube body and a few strand of yellow crystal flash.
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