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  1. Hy There Noob, Somethings you might check with yourself 1. type fly's you are going to ty 2. what your willing to spent on a vice$$$$ 3. what type of vice do you want most allround vice is a rotary vice do you want a C-clamp or pedastal vice 4. The looks 5. What do you want to ty in the future meaning expanding tubefly-kit for instance. I have a danville vice complete to ty anything if you are a starter .Also I have a Regal rotary vice very good to ty a fly in a range from hook nr° 1 to a hook nr°20 Very good vice if you are willing to spent the money!!$$$$$$ Also I have an Anvil Atlas rotary vice since a year good solid vice to a range of hooks nr°32 to a size nr°6 max medium price vice worth's the money. I ty a lot of fly's in a year so I know! Also Anvil has an Apex vice semi-rotary vice really good vice !! Also Dyna-king vice are good or HmH-Spartan vice or renzetti vice or don't for get Snowbee Waldron vice In the end it's up to you what you can pay and what you want! and the Looks!! Don't Mug about it Ty fly's on it!!!!!!!!!!! greetz Wes&Jack Happy fly-tying
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