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  1. Great start Terry, keep it going.
  2. QUOTE (Po0gs @ Feb 16 2005, 03:43 PM) QUOTE (lewy271 @ Feb 16 2005, 03:10 PM) Very cool...More kids should be out fishing instead of playing video games and eating potato chips. if by kids you mean, 15, im in that group. Got tired of video games, started fishing, led to me fishign every day, led to saltwater fishing, led to fly fishing and now i do all that plus the art of tying, hell im not great but practice makes perfect.. or does it? anyways point being is ill get there one day, im all self tought, theres 1 fly of mine floating around, the peppermint minnow. umm yea mayb this post was a waste bt w/e Keep it up bro, and you'll see that in 10-15 years you'll be in better shape and healthier than all the ones who didnt get off the couch. The sickness that we suffer from is terminal with no cure, and no one looking for a cure. In 70-80 years you'll prolly die of it, that is if you dont get married.
  3. Shoot Wayne, thats a great idea. Never thought of that.
  4. I have been tying clousers both ways for awhile now. Sparse and thick. Sparse for the smallies and others and thick for the whites. The whites didnt seem to like the sparse, I ended up catching more on the thick patterns. The Largemouths didnt seem to care, if it moves, its food.
  5. BadKarma

    Leader help

    The Excel spreadsheet rocks!!! Answer 3 simple questions and it calculates your leader for you.
  6. QUOTE (Tim Smith @ Feb 9 2005, 09:12 AM) I tend to disagree with Bad Karma's opinion of the Mountain dew As the Senior Network Admin for my company I must say that mountain dew is horrid and gives me heart burn like nothing else on earth so when working I like to swill lots of water or 7up but when im relaxing and tying I like to drink Strohs beer or dark rum and pepsi -T I got started on MD in school (BS in Computer Information Systems). I used to write a lot of code for assignments. Give me a 2 liter of Dew and a pack of smokes and I'd write code for 18 hours+. Then I noticed that alot of the computer geeks I went to LAN parties with were drinking it also. So I figured Dew was the lifeblood of computer geeks! We should start a thread about the trouble calls we get, huh Tim? These guys here would not believe us on most of them!!!!!!!!
  7. Well, I'm a network administrator and that means I have a lot of contact with computers. Any Computer Geek will tell you that the Necter of Life for us is Mountain Dew. But if I'm in a philisophical mood, give me 3 fingers of a good single malt scotch and a good cigar and I can tye for hours.
  8. BadKarma

    Old Fly rods

    Been there and done that. lol At least the price was right!!!
  9. BadKarma

    Old Fly rods

    I just picked up an old Hedon 9' 8wt rod to use for Bass. It started me wondering, how many of 'yall use "old" glass rods? I have a couple that I still use from time to time. I kind of get the feeling that the old rod knows what its doing and I should just let it do its thing. You know, kind of like the old joke about the young bull and the old bull. Any way, I was just wondering. I love those old rods, I cant help but wonder where they've been and what fish they caught.
  10. I cannot believe someone put that up there and called it a Fly Tying Vise.
  11. You guys crack me up!!!!!!!!
  12. Yeah, I may not make as much here as I did in Kansas City, but my therapy costs are WAY down. I work about 2 miles from the dam. hehehehe
  13. I just built a new SQL 2000 server at work, but I dont think I can let all you guys into our network!!! And yes, I have a little database all my own, hidden deep inside.
  14. Just above Swan Creek mouth at Forsyth. Pot Hole if you know it. Small black woolie.
  15. Here it is the 2nd of Feb. and the fishin' has been a bit slow. A couple of guides I know were on the lake for 6 hours last weekend and boated 3 fish. As soon as ya get here, find out how many of the turbines they are running and when to time your fishing. From what I've heard, scuds(white, tan and olive), Tiger Midges(copper wire) and smaller Woolies are the menu specials. A couple of weeks ago, during a warm break, I picked up a couple of smallies in Bull Shoals. My biggest trout this year so far was a 12 inch RB. If ya can check out River Run Outfitters on the way to the dam, Shannon usually knows whats going on.
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