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  1. I use a lanyard, + big pockets. I like to K.I.S.S.
  2. Or in the temple. That's where a young lady got me. Glad I was wearing shades.
  3. I like the Griffin odyssey cam vise. Worth every ยข .
  4. Cliff S

    UV Glue

    The 400nm is the frequency in the light spectrum. The 'lumens' refers to the power.
  5. Needle in a Dremal tool. Or my low speed drill. A small, small amount of goo (silicone sealer) and some dubbing.
  6. Westcott puts out 'Titanium bonded' ones that have worked well for me. About 6 bucks in the sewing department of Wall Mart. The curved tips are very fine for getting in there to get that annoying stray fiber.
  7. Three years late and a feather short... I use a modified Griffin Odyssey spider. And a home brew base.
  8. Cliff S

    UV Glue

    I use Loon UV Knot Sense. Contrary to what they say, any blue light cures it. I even have a blue key chain light from the dollar tree store that works. I like the stuff.
  9. I have to completely agree. I was in a rut and going deeper till I discovered the u-tube. I set up a Google alert for it and it has been a great help to me.
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