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  1. French FIshing Flies by Jean-Paul Pequegnot. Great history of some great, and very effective fly patterns.
  2. Various patterns for a trip to Montana this weekend...First is a Sculpin, Second and third are a foam Salmonfly, Fourth is a green foam hopper, fifth and sixth are a Yellow Sally, and the seventh is a BehotiƩre. We'll see how they work!
  3. Some egg patterns for a trip out west next week.
  4. Lightning Bugs and Rainbow Warriors. Stonefly nymphs are fun too.
  5. Looks like an awesome trip. Thanks for sharin'
  6. http://www.mudhole.com/Fly-Tying/Fly-Tying-Tool-Kits/Mini-Vise-Gift-Set I think I found it....or something very close...
  7. Thanks! Simple pattern....just some egg yarn...actually turned out pretty well! I think I'm going to try for a shrimp pattern using it, too.
  8. A few salwater flies, and a couple squid, too.
  9. A little video I put together on Rock Creek in North Georgia. Enjoy.
  10. That's awesome.....yeah I just have the option to either go fishing Saturday, or hit up the festival....really hard choice, but I've tied a bunch of flies I want to try, and I haven't been fishing in over a month....I'll make the final decision a little closer to time....it's a tough one though!!
  11. The "Seafoam Sinker"....a little 'Hooch fly I want to try this weekend.
  12. I was going to go this year, but it's just a bit far from Atlanta. I was really hyped to go though....it's one of the first ones I've really heard of around here.
  13. Maybe use some expanding spray foam to secure it to the hook. Paint it and tie on a hook. Definatly gonna try this. Exactly what I was thinking. Great Stuff works really well. You could probably make some pretty B.A. bass poppers out of the lower guages like 12 and 16, and using foam they'd stay pretty light weight, certainly light enough to whip with a fly rod.
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