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  1. The fly, originaly made by Gunnar Bingen from Norway. Topclass fishcatcher :-)
  2. Some Norwagian trouts. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7419/9291713756_8793c758e3.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7344/9288746399_0b755f8441_c.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7307/9291507832_d0c4235d8c_c.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3759/9041240590_323b9ab5bc_z.jpg
  3. Nice topic. I`m from Norway, and we used leaders like this also.....in the 1980.. A tipical leader for troutfishers here are Hends Camou leader 4.5 meter. with 1.5 meter with tippet. 6 meters i total....about. If you have trouble casting this leader streight, you have to take a castinglesson, or practise some more. There are NO benefits whats or ever using furled leaders today. i use monoleaders, 6 meters (6.56 Yards) on casts from 0 Yards and up to 30 Yards. Overhead, snakeroll and speycast. I used furled leaders some years ago, but today, that`s just a part to make thing more difficult. No benefits at all!!
  4. Hey :-) Here are some short clips from my Rena river in Norway. See it in HD Henning
  5. Hehe thanks for comments About the fly. I love using comparaduns. They ALWAYS land the right way, and they float forewer. I use snakerolls and speycasts a LOT,And these flys are nice to my casting
  6. Thanks for nice comments. I will take a photo of the fly AFTER the fish have been eating on it It dont look the same Yes, the fish it taken in Norway. Here are a movie of "how to make the fly", with english subtitles (I`m bad at english, so don`t shoot me if some words are wrong ) Press HD for better quality.
  7. I just have to put my latest pic in here.
  8. Hello I use this to imitate midge at an early stage. VERY slow in still water. If you google buzzer-fishing or something like that, you will find a lot
  9. Which diffuser are you using on your flash unit? Hello I use the original diffusor that comes with the Nikon SB900 flash
  10. @Pike20: I use it as it is Small and nice. @Wavey: Thanks
  11. A few years ago, i got a browntrout on a size 17 comparadun, that i thought would be my biggest dryfly fish ever. That fish was 2.3 Kilo. On sunday, i got a new big one...... added one more kilo, and my new personal best browntrout is 3.3kg. Still on the size 17 Comparadun Holy shit, that`s a nice fish Here is a photo of us (Me and my new friend) And here is a short movie, with photos and a clip of the release. Click on HD
  12. Hello Would have been niiice if you posted how it went here
  13. Hey Made a little movie on fly photography. This is not hardcore, but a nice way to start. Easy setup. 1080HD
  14. I have i nice background tip for you Here is my set. Blue plastic bag. Flyphotos with setup above:
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