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  1. I have fised Belieze and Mexico, I also use a lot of 3366 for salmon in Alaska. I think they would be great for a short trip on Bonefish. I would not use them for Tarpon,Permit or Snook. The problem with plated hooks are they need sharpening and then they rust. I order Mustad 34007 from Hook and Hackle they have the best prices on stainless mustad but you need to shapren them and crimp the barb down.
  2. Thanks a lot for the feed back, when I return to the states in April I will order some Darcie adn give it a try.
  3. I am new to this fourm but not new to tying. I have been looking for a source of quality craft fur for bonefish and small saltwater flies. Since Mystic Bay is no longer available I have been having a tough time. The local craft stores do not carry it any more. I found some Hareline extra select craft fur and it was abig dissapointment, very coarse and sparse. Any new sources would be a big help. Thanks in advance for any help
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