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  1. Hello Everyone, After wanting to get into fly tying for a while i finally got some tools and materials for Christmas and am excited to dive in! I am fairly new to fly fishing as well but love everything about it. I mostly fly fish for Great Lakes steelhead and smallmouth but want to pursue carp in 2013 (it looks awesome). I also enjoy spin fishing for just about anything, including some monster sheephead out of Lake Erie!!! Looking forward to all the knowledge and expertise on this site..... Cheers.
  2. this is an awesome link! i been thinking bout targeting carp this spring/summer....
  3. Thanks! Also, does anyone have a good video/article that shoes you how to select and prepare feathers/biots/hackle ? I was a bit confused with how to remove and prepare them from the large tuft or quil...
  4. Hello All, I just started getting into fly tying and had a materials question. I picked up some basic supplies from local fly shop and tried to tie a Psycho Prince nymph. I noticed it called for Pheasant Tail for the wing case. Unfortunately i do not have any pheasant tail. I ended up using soft hen hackle....any problems with that? Any other substitutions that would work just as well?? Thank you in advance.
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