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  1. I own a regal medallion and many other high end vises ( nor-vise, dyna- king barracuda, and hmh). I always go back to it. Just like u said, my hand rests well on it and it grips everything. 2/0 stainless to size 22 for silver creek. I would recommend getting the stainless jaws, I replaced my stock jaws after a year due to chipping. Mostly my fault, late night steelhead tying riverside. In the end though, go with whats comfortable, and don't break the bank for a name brand. Remember there are still guys who tie with out a vise.
  2. Tiemco and Gamagatsu are prob best but I mostly buy the thousand packs of dia-riki hooks in my most used styles. I havnt had any problems with them and I fish a lot of steelhead. Or for spey flies alec jacksons (daichi) light wire hooks are just plain sexy. and yes I just referred to a hook as sexy
  3. Nice tie.. this is a difficult patern to take on and you nailed it. I like the use of foam legs, think im gonna try that on my next set of BC hoppers
  4. My names is Cody and so far all i know is that i am addicted to chrome, but i live in idaho and dont get the pull as much as i want(we all want). But i do get few trips a year, and if i can talk my self into going to bed early instead of staying up all night tying flies and drinking beer, i actually catch a few. As you can all probabaly guess by may name, i love to throw meat to aggressive fish. I tie for a local shop but when im done tying size 20 beatis such and such, i tie triple articulated mice and pike flies and tons of bait fish stuff. Here soon i am going to try to get some pics uploaded of the flies that get me in the chair facing a vise. Thats about all i got for now. I have a few spring trips planned for the steel but not for a couple of weeks. Anyways thank you blackdog and jaydub for helping with the initial process.. this is where im not going to say"tight lines"
  5. I just got a D-K for myself for christmas 2012.. and so far it has been an awesome vise. I tied production on my regal medallion (indexing/rotary).. it worked well for years. I really like the gripping power of the D-K but its not all that diff. from the regal. The regal had simplicity built into it,, with one lever to pull, put the hook in and start tying. The D-K needs adjusting for any hook size change. I still like the true rotary of the dyna- king and maybe i like it a little more than my regal, but it might be because its my new toy. Also i have owned a "Nor-vise". I put quotations around it cause i feel like it might be the most over hyped high priced vise out there. The hub is always in the way for tails and if u tie on any curved shank hooks, out the window with the true rotary. I will say that i will never get rid of my regal,, i have tied the paint off that thing. Meat
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