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  1. I too know Rod and Matt. SoHo fly shop is a top notch business. They are great guys. I am sure if you call them they will correct the problem. As for they stay out guiding, Rod doesn't guide and they have another guy that works there so you aren't being shoved aside. I would recomend them to anyone and have bought off them ever since they have been in Tenn. and known them longer than that. So guys don't give up on them and troutdogg give them a shout. STU
  2. I throw them in the river here at home at night in the pitch black and do well on them. I also tie a big black slider for this. I just throw up or up and across and keep up with the slack so you can feel the strikes and feel you will. Most of the time they about hook theirself. It sounds like a train wreck when they hit. I love it I jsut started doing the night hing last year and can't wait to do it this summer. Heres one from last summer. STU
  3. Your right that is a good name! STU
  4. That is a Harey prince. I use them for trout in a #16 and smaller. I use sulpher, olive and white wings depending on the hatch. Great fly BTW. It has been the downfall to several nice trout for me. Hope it does the same for you. STU
  5. Nice fly, and BTW tell your inlaw to get outta my favorite fishing hole! I fish the SoHo alot myself. Joking about that run though. I think that fly will be a killer on that river. I saw the pic before I read teh text and knew it before I read it. That is a really good run. STU
  6. I have been tying them today, we call them backscratchers. Very effective mtn stream fly where stone flies are present. STU
  7. Gosh I am confused. I thought this was a forum, a place where ya ask questions and people who WANTED to answer do so, and give you advise. But I have been wrong before. STU
  8. I am wondering what kinda water is the best, what kinda flies to fish, and hwo light shy are these guys. I have soem holes picked out that are easy wading and hold some really nice fish that I can see during the day but can't get hooked. I think the cover of dark may be the ticket. But new at it any help with patterns or tech. would be helpful. I have heard mice and streamer patterns. But fish it fast of slow? Around cover or in the open water, are the fish hugging the cover or cruzing looking for a "big" meal? I think that the darkness may bring them out some. Thanks STU
  9. Yep that is a good thought Smallie. I fish them really slow and on the bottom, I want it to look like a craw just out for a moring walk I guess. I hardly ever fish them in the current. I fish the back waters around rock piles and in eddies and things like that. But your comment is a worthy thought though. STU
  10. I have deen tying these for a yaer or so it like the one will posted a while back with the bunny strips but I thought of something diff. I put a small loop of craft foam inbetween the pinchers to seperate them. I noticed in the past the pinchers wanted to kinda lay together instead of at that craw readyt o pinch the crap outta ya pose. I thought this may hlep and it may make the rear of the fly raise up to look more like a craw in the water. It is made with ginger and white vara. cheniele and nat. hackle, a 1/20 oz eye and rusty brown bunny strip the case on the top over the hackle is that 1/4" scud back. Well thought I would run this by the experts to see what ya thought. STU
  11. Well I am a Correctional Officer in the state of VA. I work in a max security facility houshing 900 inmates. Hey not so bad is you like only working 14 outta 28 days. Oh ya and it is really easy work, like babysitting. Just big babies. STU
  12. You guys need to quit lying the Holston is a fishless hole! I would never fish there. Well unless you like beating dead water! I hope you guys can spot a liar? Rod is a good guide and so is Matt. I haven't ever hired them but been on the river with them some. If anyone needs a guide I wouldn't hesitate to hire these guys. BTW Rod I hope to be there on TUes. this is my weekend on so off MON and TUES will be there one if not both I may stay at the camper on the lake. So if you are there look for me I will be in one of the usual spots. STU
  13. Alot of those SOHO browns back during the fall were Dai-Riki fish. That is the hook I tie the Harey Prince and most of my PTs on when I can get them. I still use several TMCs I like the 200R as you said and the 102Y as you know is my fav. I haven't noticed any dulling in the Dai-Riki's so I will keep my eyes on them though. I am tying #20 PTs for SOHO right now on #125 the emerger hook by Dai-Riki. So I will keep my eyes on them. By the way where ya beek Rod? I saw Matt he said you were at the cabin a few days back looked for ya on the river but never seen ya. STU
  14. For the $ really good hooks as good maybe better than TMC I have had several TMC's break removing them form fish lately. STU
  15. Good luck and hope you get better quick. Some people need to have some respect.
  16. not alot of fishing done in the desert i would figure. that would really suck. FM
  17. Look on the left side and click on the #s those are the pics look at them all especially the ones around where it talks about the Audi. THey say the guy has over 300 wives it would take that for a cleaning staff! FM
  18. Check this out found it on another board. THis is unreal. http://www.kbrcomm.com/gas_prices/Gas_Prices_files/frame.htm FM
  19. Smalliehunter=troutfisherman. I like both of them just depends on what time of the year it is. I look forward to both I guess! FM
  20. Hey has anyone ever tried this hook? I bought some size 20s for tailwater midges. I tie them with just thread and hackle. Make a thread body and 2 or 3 turns of grizzly hackle. Work great for the black fly hatch on Holston tailwaters in Tennessee. These hooks are short and have an upturned eye I bleiveve they will be killer. I haven't fished them yet maybe tomorow. Do they set a hook good? FM
  21. That is the kinda guy you need to watch with both eyes. He is doing that stuff to make the hole easier to drag thaos bid weighted 3 prong hooks through! I would stay away and let the officals handle it. There would be no way you could tell him he is wrong in doing that. Simply impossible! But I would have to report him and follow up to be sure there is an effort to see if something is done. Also research the law to make sure there is a law against it that way it will give you leverage with the game dept. You know the ol' are you gonna make this guy obey the law trick! Tax payers sometimes have pull esspecially ones who can quote section codes of law to them! FM
  22. I had that same problem with an Orvis wonderline WF 4Wt I found it you I use it dry fly fishing alot it tends to do it worse. I try to stop when it gets bad and pull off to where it is twisting and a little farther and let it hang in the swift water this will untwist it ussually. Oh ya take the leader off it works better! YOu can also unspool it in your yard and wlak around dragging the length of the line behind you drad it around lawn things like shrubs etc. this will work it out pretty good. Then when I clean my line why respooling I hold the rod and reel up high and work the coils down the line as I reel it up this will get out the most of it but they will come back so you get to do it agian. FM
  23. THat is a fishlooking fly. I agree with most about the use of bunny strips. I love the strips the just pulsate in teh water and look so natural. I don't know why you would want to catch one of those ol big ugly browns anyway. They just break leaders, stretch flylines, ruin drags on reels, and possibly break rods. I think it would be a service I could do for you to go with you and try to catch those big ones! WHile you fish for those little stockers. It would save a possible equip. failure for you and allow you to focus more on the sport itself :j_k: . Hey its' worth a try hell maybe you will be drunk when you reed this and I will talk you into taking me. FM
  24. THere are a thousand things you can use I have used kip tail. cdc. foam, deer hair, and elk hair. I am sure I have missed something but can't reemeber. I like Al's bailing twine that is creative. But I like a bright color to be able to see it. FM
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