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  1. What they say is a fact. For rivers with year round fly hatches the TVA tailwaters are hard to beat. I love to fish them. You can take fish on dries any month of the year, and during the summer the sulphers are awesome. Real good time. FM
  2. I have the 4 wt too and got a brown over 20" on it and got put in the backing 2 times on that fight with 7X tippet the drag is great! FM
  3. Oh ya the Okuma Integrity is a real champ I have a 5/6 and love it. I also own a sierra nice also. But you are right they are great for the $. Also look at the phlueger Trion I have a 3/4 in it and that is a solid piece of equip. FM
  4. I can just see the animal activits pulling up in the driveway now! What are you doing to that poor dog? Just joking I think it is great. Make the little farts do something for their food. I (or should I say my wife) has a poodle I would love to find some use outta it. Maybe I could sell it to a oriental restuarant! No that would be a divorce and she would try to take my fishing stuff! FM
  5. I was about to go into another long spill about Orvis's attempts to mass market their product and how it was a degrading sellout. Especially on the Superfines that is a classic. But then ofcourse I would have wanted to know where the store was to take advantage of the sellout! That was a good one you really woke me up after a long night at work!!!!!!
  6. Hey what if you are seasonal. I love trout in the fall and winter and bass in the spring and summer. But I still do sneak off to trout fish in the summer some too so what should I say? How about a vote for each! FM
  7. I work in law enforcement and a memo came to us saying you could go to Google and enter a phone # and get the address to that #. I tried it, and it works. You can block this on the page so if you are concerned block it. I did mine. Just don't like to be that easy to get up with. Thought you guys may wanna know! FM
  8. flymaster

    Road kill

    did once bag a Fox squirel tail. Wife thought I was nuts! FM
  9. I am a Correctional Officer for the state of Virginia. I deal with the slime of the streets after tha police get done. Gets to be really intersting sometimes, confining 900+ males in a area really lets you watch people. Kinda neat! Hey and I get to carry guns! FM
  10. Hey AA me and you have discussed the holston tailwaters before correct? Would you still think that a river with such a great hatch would still be that high of a %. I bet it is high but I wonder if it would be less subsurface than like out MTN streams. I am sure it would be. But still the big pig fish will be feeding uder but with an ocassional rise to raise my blood pressure! my .02 FM
  11. flymaster

    Hey Graham

    Graham I am so glad I started this topic it has brought new life into me. I am now looking for a way to move from Virginia! NO not really but would love to have action like that. Are the rivers just that full of them or are you blessed with the golden touch or somthing. Maybe in a previoous life you were a brownie? I tell you what, you are lucky regardless. But now, I am mad I had a pic of a nice brown to post mine is about 22" but one of our local photshop wiseguys would make a pic of one of yours eating mine. They could probably use one of your littler ones is the bad thing! Keep us informed and if you ever get tired of hauling them in and need help just yell at me pm me not on the board because these guys are like coyotes on a dying calf for stuff like that. Guess I would have to leave the 4wt at the house for those fish right? What wieght rod do you use anyway? Just curious. Bye hero, FM
  12. flymaster

    Hey Graham

    Just kidding dude you are to king of the Browns! i am so jelous if I get on over 20" i talk about if for weeks. You use those for bait I think! So I am I right thinking these are from Canada? If so be sure to pay the import tax to the moderators. Just kidding I know there it so many good humored Canada jokes these days around here. But those are great and thanks for sharing with us. FM
  13. flymaster

    Hey Graham

    Who besides me is sick I asked this question!????
  14. flymaster

    Hey Graham

    Where did that monsterous critter on there come from. "the big brown" what a pig that is! I love to see pics of browns that is a awesome pose it is making too! That is great, but I understand if it came from one of those "if I told ya i'd have to kill ya streams". But just wondering. FM your my new hero!
  15. AA obviously you have missed the sulpher hatches on the holston tailwaters. it is a real good full blown hatch of those things. I love that hatch! SR
  16. talked good about orvis on the other post now heres for SA i like the GPX really well. it is a quality line and if you like orvis it is made by SA anyway! so why not vote for both i guess. FM
  17. the advantage is some better now the other was really bad for memory. i live the superfine series on my full flex 9 ft 4wt it is a really soft casting line for dry flies. I did have some problems with is coiling up not memory coils but wrapping up i quess. I think it is my cast but orvis did replace 2 lines before i decided that . They are nice to deal with and told ma any future problem to call them the fishing guru gave me a email addy for questions so i am pretty happy now. I found to just straighten it between trips and it works well. I fish in the same spot about all day casting dries and that makes it coil up alitlle i guess but overall satisfied. FM
  18. I use the dry and dropper and a bugger and a dropper alot i use a clinch knot tied around my finger and then tightened down on the bend of the hook minus the finger ofcourse it works well just use a lighter tippet for the dropper line so it turns over better and you may only loose the mymph in the event of a hang up. FM
  19. I have a Pflueger Trion and love it. I have it on a 9ft 4wt orvis rocky mtn. i had one 5# brown take me in the backing twice on one fight with it on 7X tippet and landed it. I fell in love that day. So if you would like a large arbor that is the ticket. I am going to buy another when i put together a 8WT combo. FM
  20. I just started and love it. I think they turn over so much better and will be so much cheaper in the long run. Can't wait to try a big heavy butted one on the 6wt for larger smallmouth bugs it is supposed to turn over better. FM
  21. what form of payment would he like? FM
  22. If you guys want redington go to www.sierratradingpost.com they have lots of stuff fight now cheap i am not sure about the diff. between them and cabelas but worth a try. I love that company good ot deal with and will back up anything you buy. I am not sure aout Redington though, I bought a 9' 6wt RS2 and broke 3 of them one casting(at teh guide above the furle) one pulling a hang up out (iit broke at the striping guide) and broke the tip off the last one. I took it to the shop where I got it and traded on a St Croix. No trouble there. But was considering on of the 9'6" 8wt in that redfly i believe that was in STP. But who knows? FM
  23. Try South Holston Tailwaters. Stays very cold all year and has incredible hatches. And there are chances for trophy browns and bows. All around a great river and a big water. FM
  24. flymaster


    Hey that reminds me of the last fly I tied! And a clinch knot isn't acceptable to start thread in on the hook.? HUGH! Oh well we all should quit tying to please each other but tie to please the fish. I was talking with a guy on a tailwaters the other day and discussing BWO's I showed him my cdc version it is really plain, but effective. It consists of 2 materials cdc and green thread for the body oh ya and a piece of scrap hackle fiber for tail. We got in the water within sight of each other at my last count I had on 5 brown to his 0 and he left. He took his pretty, perfect looking little hard to tie hackle flies wtih him too! God you guys hate it when I ger on here early after a 12 hour shift at work don't ya? FM
  25. What is your location in ref to Virginia? I live in the tip end of Va. About 1.5 hours from KY. I would love to find a new tailwater. I don't know much about KY so fill me in. FM
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