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  1. Virginia is very vague on these laws the game wardens won't even mail you back about simple questions you have. Blasted Commonwealth. Even though I do wrk for the state! FM
  2. Would have to be good for the money. So if anybody tries on please post a thread I wanna know. FM
  3. "I am haunted by water." - Norman Maclean - A River Runs Through It "In out family, there is no true line between religion and fly fishing. We lived at the junction of great trout rivers in western Montana, and our father was a Presbyterian minister and a fly fisherman who tied his own flies and taught others. e told us about Christ's disciples being fisherman, and we were left to assume, as my brother and I did, that all first-class fisherman on the Sea of Galilee were fly fisherman and that John, the favorite, was a dry-fly fisherman." - Norman Maclean again! That last one puts that whole book in perspective. Read it I bet 4 times and learn new stuff everytime! You could quote any line from a John Gierach Book he is a awsome writer, and the king of one liners! FM
  4. Daryn I 2nd the fire coal thing. Except i put a little salt lots of lemon and peper and a little butter. Double wrap in foil and toss in coals sit back drink beer and wait. Like you said the smell won't let you overcook them you will be either out of beer or about to die because the smell will starve you to death. I love that make me wanna build a fire and catch trout. I only keep trout in put and take streams here in virginia but we make a camping trip in the MTNs to a great stocked stream where a few fish go to the big river in the sky. Other than those nights I may keep about 1 more meal of trout a year so not a cooking expert. But that is so good. FM PS Now I'm hungary thanks alot, going to kitchern!
  5. flymaster

    Rod trouble

    Thanks Carl that makes me feel beter. I hate to loose the rod, lots of memories. Ya they must use cheap guides. FM
  6. flymaster

    Rod trouble

    I was fishing a larger MTN stream a few days back and missed a strike that resulted in hitting a brach above me. A few casts later I seen that the 3rd snake guide down was missing. This ia a full flex Orvis Rocky MTN. 9' 4wt. So I am really concerned that the rod may be fractured under the wraps. I sent it back to Orvis thay said it would be repaired if it wasn't cracked. If so I get a Pro Guide of a TLS. Neither one has a 904 full flex. So I will have to take a mid flex. But the TLS is a nice rod, I still love mine that was my baby. I love it on the tailwaters it handles 7x like a pro because it was so soft actioned. Casts like a 4wt fights like a 2wt. What I really was wondering is thats the cance of getting my rod back after a blow hard enough to break a metal guide?
  7. Mybe I was misunderstood, I am not saying I won't pay for premium stuff. I just won't goto the top end. Like orvis rods, the TLS has had outstanding ratings for years, but some people would go for the T3 without even casting the TLS just because it it top end. I would only go to the top if the middle wouldn't suit my application or casting abilities. Just like I own a Orvis Rocky Mtn. great rod I was getting ready to buy a TLS and the owner talked me into casting the Rocky MTn. I fell in love and both were 9' 4wts that ended up saving me big money because the Rocky Mtn. was on clearance. It was when they were discontinuing that rod lineup. The rod has been a sweatheart ever since. Kinda like a member of the family now. But i recently broke a guide off it. I broke a snake guide ever done that? I hope they can repair it and send mine back. FM
  8. That is what i was thinking is Orvis trying mass merchandising. But it is still far from being the premier tackle and classy manufacture they were. I think it is great a line of stuff even i can afford without starving myself (joke) for a month. The line was not a 333 eguiv. it looked like SA say GPX line. But it had the signiture tied on braided loop. I am so excited to see the rest I first seen it in another store but wife was in the car and didn't look long. I didn't even notice the "by Orvis" on the packages. That is so great. I glanced at the rods look like good quality for the money ofcourse. I am not saying they will be T3 orvis rods but should be nice stuff. Sandflyx they probably didn't telll you gus about this stuff because they are possibly ashamed of it?! No just joking. Just a little puzzled at Orvis's maketing attempt. But mass merchandising is where the $ is at, and why the hell not Wal-Mart. THe #1 retailer in the nation. But the people who founded the Orvis Exclusive name back in 1856 are probably turning over in there graves thinking that there name is being "sold out". Well enough on that. But cuttthroat did you see any rod length and wieghts. I am so excited looking fro a 9' 8wt hope these things are nice. I don't care if it is a cheap rod etiher I go for quality equip not a name. Some guys would buy a $500 rod that cast no better than a $150 rod just to say they did. If money isn't a big deal buy the $150 rod and give $350 to a charity. But that is the way fly fishing has gotten to be. Too many $50,000+ vehicles in the parking lots. Nothing agianst nice wheels but you know what I mean. I feel funny in my 99 blazer sometimes. They are all walking down the rive looking like they walked into a fly shop and told the owner I want the most expesive you have don't care what it fishes like as long i look the part. I do believe in quailty gear but within reason. But I guess my point of reason could be differnt then others. Guess thats enough toes stomping for a while. Tune in agian to listen to a whining fly fisherman try to change the world. FM
  9. I think it is pretty wierd seeing an Orvis label hanging in Wal-Mart. I thought Orvis had "sold out" when they let Bass Pro sell their product nwo WAL-MART! But I don't care looks like posible good deals. So sell out somemore for us. But Orvis for so long had that "exclusive" reputation. Only ovris dealer allowed. Then the BPS and now Wal-Mart does that say Orvis is on the downslide. Or are they trying to compete in this dog eat dog economy we call America? Don't know, don't care really. If I can get a quality line for $20 so be it and with the WM product guaratnee if it suck take it back. Just wondering, FM
  10. I was in my local wal-mart today and seen a spool of line called green mtn. I had seen it at another wal-mart and didnt really look at it. But today i dd it said GM by Orvis. Wow and it was only $19.99 that is great. I opened it it is on a SA spool and as wel all should know SA maked the wonderline. It even had the Orvis loop on the end of it. So I think this could be a really good deal. At the other store they had lines, leaders, rod combos and more. I hope my store gets this too. FM
  11. i use silicon boot spray i buy it for my shoes and flies. buy it in sporting goods at walmart about 3 0r 4 bucks a can and works well. same as scothgard but cheaper FM
  12. I have been seeing this Netscape net service on the TV I am downloading the software now has anybody tried it. I have People PC right now I like it but it is $5 extra for the web accel. It is $8.95 + $5 for that I don't use the web accel. But the netscape offers $9.95 and it is included. I am too cheap to pay $30 for cable so dialup is what I use, I am cheap . Any comments would be nice. FM
  13. BLASTED METRIC SYSTEM!! Trying to figure out how much show daryn got. Should have paid more attention in math classes. After all our teachers said we would be using in the next few years. That was about 10-15 years ago. Well guess what, guess it just didn't catch on down here. Don't know about you but after we do something for a few hundred years we get kinda bull-headed and won't change. THANK GOD!!!! Don't want to relearn that stuff! Sorry, FM
  14. flymaster


    Disclaimer: Before I say this it may not always be possible. But I say if the fish is at 90 ft either move in about 40 ft or find a differnt fish. I know sounds weak of me but I am a member of the fish closer not harder club. You can usually get some closer to any fish maybe not 20 feet. But I find it easier for me to sneak up on a fish than to make that whiisper soft long cast. Hey maybe I am a better wader than caster. Thats it I could be a wading instructor. You know like a casting teacher. It couldn't have been said better about tly fishing been treated like you need a team of coaches to catch fish that is horse . When i started I had no one to even fish with so I got good by trial and error. That I think made a better all around fisherman outta me. I had a casting "instructor" at a local fly shop try to get me to take his class. About 20 mins later I went out to try out a rod he comes out the door and says I need no help with my cast to never mind. That was with a rod I had messed with for 2 mins. I am not saying I couldn't use help he was asking how long had I fly fished I told him I guess he thought I was doing very well. Made me feel good this guy is straight forward and shoots from the hip about peoples skills. But some people mainly guides try to act like we can't do this sport without them, I say the only way I would ever pay a guide is to get on private backwaters in a location away from home. Like on a vacation and have stil never done that even. If it is a local river who needs guides LEARN IT YOURSELF that is half the fun of fishing. Gotta go enough ranting and toe stomping! PS Nothing against guides, somebody's got to take rich people's money!!!!!!
  15. Nope don't know about the tailwaters but can show where the clinch starts it begins about 30 mins from the house. i smallie fish the clinch probably 100 trips or better a year being that is is 2 miles from the house. I fish it from Tazewell VA. to the Russell county area of VA. Great river for smallies up my way if you can get of the beaten path and on private land. However there are no trout up here, except a occasional on that finds its way in. There is a endangered mussell in the river that trout are supposed to kill so it is a big fine to stock them. Especially since the state spent a few mill $ to study and restock the mussells. Lets see trout or mussells wiegh that on for me! I hope to make it down below Norris someday for the trout, I guess to see where my neighborhood river ends up. At mom and dads house where i grew up the river flowed right trough my back yard so I was a born fisherman on the clinch. Well gotta go. FM
  16. flymaster


    A "old head" in the fly fishing game looked at me one day and said "damn boy, fish closer not harder". Since then I fish lots closer, there is no need for a 90ft cast around here atleast. I would rather have a nice pretty loop at 40ft than to be able to say I can cast 150FT! But that is just me. I can throw all the line off with all my rods but my 6'6" 4wt but hell its a little sun-a-gun anyway. The creeks its used on a 10 ft cast is a big one. When I say "throw" all the line off I should have bolded throw because it isn't real pretty but why cast that far anyway? Just my 2cents. FM
  17. Good stuff and good price. I own 2 and would buy anothter FM
  18. I got a modest 15. And momma says i really ain't stupid after all. But who knows!
  19. flymaster

    Bug Dope

    One point that has been overlooked too is that bug spray will turn your new $60 flyline into a $60 piece of crap. It has a bad habit of eating up the plastic-like coatings on the lines. So avoid the stuff on your hands so I use Bens's spray. And like otheres said put it on clothes not skin. Well because I like my skin I guess! Anything that will eat plastic has to be bad ! Tight lines FM
  20. oops forgot the link here it is . tenn fly fishing sorry!
  21. Hey forgot abut this guy, his site is look at the pic gallery the gallery #2 is holston and watagua fish and some in all of them are. This is one of the best pic galleries i have found on the river you can see the fish sizes and river size too. Look at the first pic in gall #4 that brown is at the bridge where you cross the river to the parking lot. The lot is just out of site in the pic what a pig that is! And look at the 4th on the bottom in gall#2 that is a porker brown! God what a lucky man just look at that smile! Write back to tell me what you think about those. GLad I found this site I am yet to get one like that but I have hooked some i never turned around. later FM
  22. That site has a hatch chart too. Dang he is informative and I never knew it! FM
  23. Hey that is great if you have a drift boat you can fish when they are generating too. When the water is off it will be wade only though. I will give you the link to a local fly shop he can tell you about floating the river never done it myself but would love to. The link is Va creeper fly shop this guy it the Holston guru. He should come off of some info for you. He is a good guy. Or email me before you go and I will hook ya up with another fly shop #. I can't be much help on floating but there is a boat ramp right where I go in the water, but where to get out I don't know. But as for flood water the dam regualtion cuts that out you only have to compete with the dam release. But if you have a boat you can fish during the releases too. Just looked at the link I gave you he has a link on holston so check it out. He also talks about the Wataqua river it is local too also a good river at times. I watched the TUTV on the hoston too they caught a bunch of little fish, there are much bigger in there. April would be fine to be there. THere is a TUTV on Watagua river too if you have seen it. Once again any questions yell at me on this post or email me. I may be slow but don't give up the email would proabably be better though if it is closer to when you will leave. because I will forget about this post. Please email me if you are going I will do all I can to help you find boat trips and lodging if you need it. ON the lake above the river there are a bunch of campgrounds if you would be interested I can hook you up with #s to the also. I camp in one so I can try to see what I can do to get you a spot if you need it. They do allow nightly camping on the other side and You are also right on Holston lake there it is a good small and largemouth lake. There is a lot of fishing to be done here look at the links on the site i gave you he tells about some of his fav places. later
  24. Sorry shoe ya by the way yes the river is a nice size river. in places it is wider an shallower and narrower and deeper. More on the wiers, The river comes out of 2 outputs off South Holston Dam then goes to one river. THen it splits around what is known as Oscela island. Those dams you spoke of are at the lower part of the island a set on both forks of the river. They hold water back so it regulates the flow of the river. Because when the hydroelectric generator are off no water leaves the lake into the river. But the river flow never suffers. As I mentioned before you can only waded with the water OFF. So call the schedule please dont' tget caught in that mess. If you have any question email me you have crossed my fav. subject. fly
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