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    new reel

    Love my 3/4 trion smooth drag and nice price for quanity of reel. I landed a 20"+ brown on a big tailwaters river last month on mine put me in the backing 2 times with not a single drag mess-up. Took all my line down stream I got about 30' back and then the monster done it upstream again. But the real performed great, had a Batenkill on the rod before glad it was gone the drag just isn't as smooth and jerk free. But that is just my 2 cents.
  2. flymaster

    I'm back!

    Do like I done just buy a new puter. I tried to format my hard drive was bad. So weighed the costs and decided to replace the 97 model pentium II 300. "about time" Was going to after X-mas but office depot had an E Machine 2.66ghz., 80gig HD, card readers, dvd/cd-rw drive with monitor and printer after rebates I will have $320 in it. So no to bad Dell wanted Over $500. for the same machine. and found out Emachine is a gateway product so not bad!
  3. Hey Hubbard it is me the guy from Sw Va again. They should cut you some slack. But i say that just because I am a stones throw from KY or it would be really funny. And the poem sounds about par for the course here too! But that was great, you guys have to much time to spend on stuff like that. PS glad to be back with you guys, had a nasty CPU crash and just now replacing the ancient piece of
  4. oh ya the pentax is 3.2 megapixels and a 3x optical zoom with 4x dig zoom did i get a good deal? i have a petax film cam it is great, hope this one will be half as good.
  5. anyone heard of a Pentax Optio 30 i just got one at kmart's day after thanksgiving sale for $150 with a free 128 mb card included. seems really nice so far haven't had it out fishing yet. my last dig. cam. went to heaven by means of the clinch river "stepped in a hole"! but oh well this one will be a fishing toying also, so you guys may see some fish pics if i catch any monsters like you guys catch!
  6. in the mtns i think that size is about the most important. but on the holston tailwaters where the harvard educated trout swim all 3 have to be right i had the right fly with a blue dun wing instead a nat dun wing they wouldn't touch it. I caught a natural sulpher and the wing this time of year are brownish so i tied some brown and the same size have been wearing them out. So just depends on the fish and the waters. just my .10
  7. There are some muskie around here but I never fish for them. I missed one last year smallmouth fishing with a big popper. The Clinch river near my house has several in it but lived here all my life and never caught one. I'm not sure if they are tiger or just plain musky i believe plain. I have seen them, the old timers that fish for them around here say they are a 1 in 10,000 cast fish. Even if you know where they are. I have a friend that is a excellent flyfisherman and he dedicated a whole year to catch ing muskie he bought a 9wt and lots of big poppers and streamers he caught 3 all year i believe. No to count some massive smallies on the side while trying for the toothy critters.
  8. hey ponbug are you from VA?
  9. I have used virtually everything for tails. Grouse, pheasant, hares mask, turkey wing and yes even turkey biots the black ones. The biggest rainbow i ever hooked "emphasis on hooked" was on a #16 hares ear with a biot tail and a turkey wing feather wing case. Nice fly he must have liked it he ran off with it! But he knows I will get him the fish is about 27-28" long and probably 9 or 10 pounds. Around here that is a real brute.
  10. look online at bass pro i got my kit for little $ includes tools and some materials to get started with the tools and vise are good enough. i tied about 4 years on the vise it broke i got in my griffin spider in today i love it. Not a bad vise for $70. But i would recomend a starter kit first though.
  11. how far south are you talking about?
  12. hey guy where ya from in Tenn
  13. flymaster


    Hey this reminds me of my fly fishing snob post. Glad to see I am not the only one that gets pissed by stupid stuff. Like people who get way to envolved in the sport we enjoy. I am 99% a fly fisherman i do use a spinning rod to catfish with the 2 or 3 times a summer that I go. But all else is on fly gear. But i don't down bait chuckers they have rights to the water too. But i would like them to stay outta my Special Regs waters here in Virginia. Found a friggin' can of corn in a single hook art. lure catch and release only stream about a month ago. So still kinda hot over that. Thanks guys you got me steamed up agian. My need to tie some #1 clousers and try that myself. Or as someone said on the way out take a steaming crap on the hood of his volvo wagon. That was someones answer in my fly fishing snobs post! And I loved it.
  14. I use a 5/6 for smallmouth on my 6wt and love it had it 2 years looks like it has been in a war. But it still works great. The only thing happened so far is the drag clicker broke and i love that no noise! If i knew it was that easy to get to i would have broke it myself. That is a great deal i thought i done well at $52. I also have a sierra and fished it for 3 or 4 years still going strong.
  15. Is this section of river a "navigable waterway" if so from what I have read they have no right to block your enterance to the river. YOu can float if you wish.
  16. I have a very diff. job. I am a corrections officer. I work inside a max. security prision. It is very interesting. It is alot like baby sitting at times. Babysitting 900 BIG babies. Well not all of them are but the whinning ones seem to stand out. It can be a very stressful and sometimes physical trying job. But i like it decent money and great benifits. And as you can figure never a dull moment. Another plus is we only work half the year if you count up our days off. That isn't counting our vaction time or our holiday comp. time. Lots of time to fish I think that is the reason I stay sometimes.
  17. by economy i mean from $200 to $250 combo thinking of one of the temple forks, or a imperial st croix, or a G Loomis GL2, new stcroix premier combo. Have to many to choose from. i even thought about a st croix pro graphite they made a 9.5 ft 8 wt in the premier only make a 9ft so that is a good thing. i called st croix they still have the rod and said to get get a dealer to order it for me if i wanted one. it also carries a lifetime warranty and the premier only a 5 year so i will probably do that the rod is only $110 so that is good too. I don't care to blow money on rods i have several more expensive rods but this is something i will barely use and don't see spneding lots of $ on it. i thought about a okuma airstream or a okuma integrity reel i have the integrity in a 6wt and love it. so who know the airstream is graphite frame and light as hell. thanks guys
  18. hey great brookie. How long and how much did that thing way. I love brook trout i fish for the deep in the mtns of Va in streams about 3-4 feet wide they don't get that big but still are a blast. in those waters a 10 incher is a good on. By the way interesting topic. I have been wondering about this myself.
  19. What kinda nymph looks like a sulpher before it hatches. i ussually use a PT nymph it works pretty well but wondering if you guys knew something better. thanks
  20. oh ya it need so to be a 9' or a 9'6" model.
  21. i am looking for an economy 8wt i thought about the stcroix premier combo. or one of the gloomis combos i beleive it is a gl2. the rod won't be used much so i don't want to blow a load of $. so any help would be great! thanks in advance
  22. flymaster


    i like to throw barbless but the trout around here in the tailwaters like to run straight at ya like a bullet and jump barbless and those conditions can be a long day on the water. but i really don't see alot of diff in the two if handle properly like others have said.
  23. smalliehunter where are you from i live in va i have never fished in WVA but would like to but already buy tenn. lic. and not enough days off for 2 states more or less 3. but if you are ever heading down this way yell at me. i am just about 1 hour from wv and 1 hour from tenn. so i am down in the south west tip of the state.
  24. JJ really tahnkful for the info in the post. i have a pair of labels and called the guy first started saying the warranty is prorated and so. i told him i thought all orvis products were satis. garanteed. and that i know a guy that sent a 3 year old pair back and they replaced them he said to put them in a box and put a note saying i wanted a pair of silver label 2 wader in exchange and send them to the roanoke address. so they are going out tomorow. i am so glad i read this topic, thanks lanvaettir for starting it. it proved to be very helpful to me. this is so great because i ordered a pair of goretex waders from bass pro from the clearance and they are leaking they said they would refund me i am afraid to get another pair. but now looks like i won't have to wader shop after all. the money will go to a new 8wt rod instead. thanks again.
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