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    hey where ya going in tenn. i love to fish tenn. i fish there all i get time to i am actually from VA but love to sneak down there. are you going into the mtns or going to the tailwaters. tailwaters=big fish. but not all the time. there are some moster browns and rainbows in the holston and watagua. there are other tailwaters down there but that is all i have fished nyself. if you go there be careful and call the generation schedule. the # is 1800 238 2264 then push #4 and select #01 for holston and #42 for wilber dam which feed watagua river after selecting the dam you want push the "#" to hear generation schedule. You can get the next day's hours after 4PM. you can't wade if they are generating these rivers so please be careful. any help need email me [email protected] if you are heading to any mtn streams closer to the Va border i know some of them too so let me know if you need any help. i am not by far a expert but alway will to give an oppinion. and can hook you up with guides if you wish. no for god sake not me!
  2. look at the St Croix i have 3 and love them. i bought a 6'6" 4wt in the avid blank. i had a guy custom build it i didn't like the carbon fiber reel seat i put on just like the legend on it. the nice metal and birds eye maple. i love the rod great in the southwest VA brook trout waters which in places are almost canopied with laurel and trees. heavy enough to throw small woolybuggers light enough for small dries. i have caught several big ones on it handled them like a champ. the rod retails for about $190 so you could really steal it if you wish go up to the legend or the new legend elite or what ever it is about $500. I don't think it comes shorter than a 8" though right now.
  3. But on the upside the women looked pretty good and did get to see Janet's boob at a long distance after i reflec that gives the game some points too me.
  4. I am just begging to try these hoppers. not even sure it i speeled it right at this point. i think i have the basics just looking for fine tuning tips from someone experienced.
  5. The superbowl game sucked bad. I hate a game to be won by a chicken shit little field goal. I don't clame to be a football expert or really a fan even but that sucked. The bowl is usually the only game i watch during the season. But i wish i hadn't watched it. That wasn't very sporting. And they done that last time frign' cheaters. But oh well i am sure this should get lots of replies or you guys will just get mad and kick me out! But oh well had to be said.
  6. me and you should never fish together. something would be blown up or on fire or atleast a good warm steaming load on a $50,000 SUV. but where i was at there are too many to pick out his SUV. my little 99 blazer isn't a bad looking ride but down there it looks like a piece of junk. when you have to park between 2 Escalades or tahoes it makes mine look bad. and the guys are decked to the gills with gear look like they walked into a flyshop and stuff just stuck to them, but they shook off all the mid and low priced stuff.most of these guys are super nice though. well except for the one. well he kinda looked like me nice equip. but not carrying around $5,000 with him. thanks for the idea though BDH
  7. P.S. last post may be illegal in some states. It is in this one so disregard and pretend i never said it. Really never done it but a friend of a friend got caught with a bucket of them and got a huge fine. intrduction of a foriegn species. ouch! moron for getting caught knock the bucket over next time won't ya!
  8. quick recipe for the goldfish one big about size 2 baitholder. one zebco 33, 1 forked stick, one favorite catfish hole and a good fishing buudy to talk to with all the same equipment. and to add some extra flash to the pattern add 6 or 12 beers of your favorite brand and a good night is ahead of you whether the goldie makes it back to the bowl or not!
  9. steeldrifter, that is "WET FLY" not ""WET PANTS". some difference. And as for you SHOE that is true very true. good point even though i never use them. lots of nymphs but no wets.
  10. partidge hooks are too high anyway maybe good hooks for salmon flys don't know no salmon down here in VA so no oppinion on that. i have been using mustads and tiemco and love them never tried partridge. budget crunch i guess!
  11. what is nice about jes simpson well big tits. tight butt,................. need i go on but ya i am sick of the show too. i hate reality tv as much as the rest of you but i guess sex sells. even more than flyfishing. "darn shame ain't it"? we need more fly fishing shows. boycot reality and up with OLN network and fishing shows. Not Bill Dance either he is more fake than the whole reality fad put together! i hate him sometimes. the only good show is the bloopers one love to watch is big butt fall outta boats and stuff now that is entertainment.
  12. sorry guys about the post but you would have just had to seen the guy to complete the snobbery. i felt like says well i have caught fish how many have you got? but he had just got there. and i also felt like saying it's a little bitty f**king bug. and the one i am fishing is getting rises. but i done as someone said ignored him and thanked him and went to the vehicle to warm up. my buddy said he was proud of me for not being my usual quick witted smart ass person in a situation like that. i was to "kinda"! but part of me would like to have it to do over! thanks for letting me vent anyway.
  13. thanks guys this seems to be a really great site! lots of cool people an joking. later fellows
  14. I was on a favorite river today and all day there was a little what i thought was a blackish brown midge hatching and some were olive. me and a bud caught a few on the 3 color i said midges and finally froze back to the truck for a warmup. i passed a guy standing on the bank getting in the water and said hey and told him about the midges. THen the fishing expert came out in him and said "actually it is a river smut" and then proceded into latin and shit he didn't even understand. i hate that. i was just offering a friendly bit of info then he becomes mr. micro biologist on me. he done all of this with a smart i know it all tone like you are a idiot to me. all i know is they were hitting any 20 or smaller midge we threw not really great but we caught some fish and missed a bunch. wonder if he had any better luck on the river smut aka latin name "who gives a frig". I just basically said ok and left before my smart ass side come out and said who gives a shit what little bug it is i can barely see it anyway and don't really care the name of a bug the size of a pen tip. can you tell i hate fishing midges!? well i resisted venting on him but you guys caught it thanks for being a safety net!
  16. ya i am a beginner now not called a blasted baitfisherman any more!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. cool gotta watch kelly is hot and a great fisherman to boot.
  18. i'll second the leg cramps! Especially when you are chasing a canoe and 2 people paddling it. oh no there i go agian. hey annyone out there i noticed under my name it says baitfisherman. how long to i am a "real" fisherman. ya know a flyfisherman!
  19. one tip buy a long rod. i fish a 9 ft 6wt and considering a 10 or 11ft 8 wt. to keep line up higher to cast those bigger bugs to bass and pike. but other than that tubes are comfy provided you aren't trying to cover a whole lake or trying to keep up with you buddy and his wife in a friggin canoe. Oh that is a different and long story maybe later.
  20. black woolybugger easy enough!
  21. i need a good bass bug line for a 6wt. i have a St Croix imperial 9ft 6wt i have a orvis wonerline :thumbsdown" ont it now and hate it. tip sinks, coils up bad and the yellow color stained really quick. but on the other hand i paid $5 for it as a dealer promo at the orvis outlet in Salem VA. so guess no biggy since i have used it 2 years! so what i'm a tightwad. no i will pay for a good line so any help would be nice and how about going to a 7wt bass bug lines i am not sure it the moderate action rod would handle it.
  22. easy question size 8 black woolybugger. anything will hit it!
  23. hey i guess there isn't alot to say. i am from virginia, fish for trout, bass, some pike, and any panfish. pretty well anything that will pull on a fly rod that i can get to. i love to flyfish it is my favorite passtime. i also love to tie flies. i have been flyfishing about 6 years and tying about 5. i still am not really good but as long as they suit me and catch fish i am doing fine. i ain't interested in winning contests but i would be nice i quess. well i guess that is it thanks for having me and see you guys later. flymaster
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