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  1. Im pleased that the Danish people react to this industry, thanks The whole problem with the industry is that its propaganda machine is too big for us fly fishermen manage to drown out their voice ... Both wild salmon and sea trout struggling substantially for reasons created by the industry! Fishermen around the country take responsibility in the form of stricter and stricter restrictions. Parallel with this industry grows and becomes larger without taking responsibility in terms of changing their way of producing. Critics have always come with caveats, but time after time the industry manages to wriggle out of any responsibility! If the next generation are going to have the same opportunities as us to enjoy this recreation is important that we continue to push the industry to take responsibility and make changes. Solutions exist, but the industry is reluctant to take this into use. It costs, but can actually a wonderful species as the wild salmon be measured in money ..?? Our minister of fisheries has done a very poor job ... Besides shovel money into her own bank account! Yepp, it's true! She has large holdings in this industry and she has clearly done her job by pursuing a policy that benefits own interests. During that time she has been minister, the wild salmon stock further reduced and even more rivers have been closed. Its true as You say about the sea lice Piker20, but the amount of farmed salmon outnumber the Wild salmon houndred of times so the actual number of paracites if ABNORMAL! Far-far from Natural... Pure Logic of course! But how do the Fish farming indusry benefit from this? Well its simple; "The pressure from sealice is far lower now, than it have been! We Count lower number pr.fish now then earlier............" This is what they tell us! But of course they DONT say that the number of farmed fish is much higher now than before. The result is that the total infection pressure has increased dramatical because the number of hosts (salmon) has increased.
  2. Hi Rolsen Is this topic been discuessed on any finnish Fly fishing Forums? Here in Norway this is quite hot among flyfishers and other fishermen by the moment... This buisness is 100% ROTTEN! The Minister of Fisheries have large personal interest in this buisness and does NOTHING to protect Wild Fish. Corruption?? Ill say so, and many - many others With me.... Guess my children wont be able to Fish for Salmon when they grow up if nothing happens whith the way this buisness runs today! Its a shame, im a shamed and every Norwegian should be ashamed!
  3. Hi folks! AFTER it came out that Fish Farming Industry is the main sponsor of the World Fly Fishing I am simply embarrassed to be a Norwegian .. This industry has caused in large parts of Norway, that it have been introduced restrictions on salmon fishing and over 120 rivers (Whole Norway) are now totally protected. In the area where the World Cup is held 30 of the 90 rivers closed, and most of the rivers that still can be fished are under strict restrictions. I mainly caused by the industry because of parasites and diseases! A number of scientific reports supporting the criticism of the industry, but the industry continues unchanged and causing more and more closed rivers .. The sponsorship agreement was announced just days before the tournament started and the organizers have not yet been able to provide an answer to what this Cooperation shall cause when participants have gone home. This despite numerous requests!! Personally I react strongly that an industry that cause us not to carried out our hobby should sponsor such a championship. This is a clean knife in the back for all of us who are concerned with conditions for wild salmon and sea trout. What do you think about this? Sign the petition to show that you reject such a request (If you ...) http://www.underskrift.no/vis.asp?kampanje=4751
  4. Hi Im using a Nikon D7000 combined with a Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro. Works well
  5. Smukt (Sweet tye) Guess the Seatrout (and flyfishers) here in Norway would love that fly!! Regards John
  6. I prefer to Fish With them, but they sure taste lovely on a slice of bread with mayonnaise and a little lemon touch
  7. Hi, and thanks for nice comments guys @Lykos33 Of course I can give a report from my trip, but first I have to Catch that Fish.... @denduke Ive used a lot of different UV glue, but the best so far (In my opinion) is the Bug Bund in original and thin Version. Loon also got a god one, but its quite hard to squize from the bottle an gets a more sticky surface after curing. Anyway. To make it more easy to squeze out from the bottle i put it in a glass With hot water before adding it to the fly! But after finishing the flygive it a couple of hour in Sunlight.. That really helps Curing Your flies properly!! I tie my crabs in a similar style using vinyl rib along the hook shank With EP fibers Attached underneat With the same technique as I use on Cherokee Tappaja. This is MUCH faster and easier than the original way using X-wraps over the materials U have to tye in to create the body.. I can present this fly later Regards John Anders Hagen, Norway
  8. Tnx Peterjay Working on some big fishy stuff now (Bunkers). Lets se if they are "postable" on this forum....? Tying all day trough for the moment! My boxes are going to be STUFFED for this year trip hehe Regards John
  9. Tnx Utyer, the bones are of the same opinion ! Just create one and present it in front of the Fish, strip and you'll get the proof I got almost all my Bones on this fly last year! Lets hope they like it this year as well..... John
  10. Tnx I "mold" it when the fly is in the vice.. Just be sure to use a sort of sticky UV-glue. J
  11. By the way..... Cherokee Tappaja means Cherokee Killer (Finnish)! Named by a friend og mine from Helsinki J
  12. Hi Cherokee Tappaja was born in Abaco Bahamas in march 2012. Me and some friends was Fishing the flats of Cherokee Sound where the Bones were superspooky! The body is made from UV-glue and this link is a description of a simplified Version http://www.fluefiskesiden.no/forum/index.php?topic=28637.0 The mono beside the body is neccesary to prevent the body to rotate. The Pictures below is a Version With EP-fibers tied in together With the rubber legs. Regards John Anders Hagen, Norway
  13. Very nice once again!!!! Another inpirational tie from you Sergio - Tnx a LOT for posting
  14. And not to create an ongoing debate but the one you pictured is not a spider it is a "harvestman". Though in the same class as spiders "Arachnida" they don't have the same features that would make it a spider, for instance they only have 2 eyes but a spider has 8. And yes they do feed on vegetable matter but they will also eat other insects as well as other harvestman. FlyTieDad No debate needed. I knew they aren't "true" spiders ... but tell that to my sister. It's got eight legs, and feels creepy if it crawls on you (which they invariably did under the apple trees) and it's a spider. Also, according to her, it can bite you and kill you, just like ALL spiders can. I know differently, but she'll beat me up if I try to explain to her ... so I've always just called them spiders. Mergus ... after looking at online images, I see that lots of people call Crane Flies "daddy long legs". I learn something every day! No problem Mikechell, we all learn something everyday Regards
  15. I know! But its named DLL in Norway. What you are reffering to is called "Skrukketrol" in Norwegian http://www.treknature.com/gallery/photo28192.htm Regards
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