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  1. Evening All, Next week I make my bi-annual trip to the White river in North East AR.This time of year is the Sowbug Roundup in Mountain Home. If you are in the vicinity of Mountain Home I highly recommend attending. Of course bring your fly rod and hit the White if you have never have. The Browns are a handful.
  2. My two cents. You can boil the horn till the center is soft. Much quicker than just soaking. Though drilling and using an epoxy actually works much better. Look at using Gorilla Glue. Very little it does not on.
  3. Something else to consider. Depending on the line of work you are involved in, there is a whole language that is not used in normal day to day speech. For those in the military think about the abbreviations and acronyms used just to pass on information.
  4. Greetings all, Since I started fly fishing my daughters and wife have been buying me fly fishing tee shirts. Most of them came from the Black fly shop out of Jacksonville FL. My question has anyone picked up the periodic table of flies tee shirt by Columbia? If so does it look as cool as it should or is it a waste of money. Thanks.
  5. I have a pump house that I no longer use now that we are on city water. I have declared independence and will be cleaning out for my fly tying addiction.
  6. thanks for the information. i was mostly paying attention to the price point more than what the product did.
  7. I bow before you awesomeness sir. Let me sit at your feet so that I may partake in your greatness.
  8. Since starting I have been following my fishing buddy's lead on a lot of material. I typically use RIO or Orvis superstrong. I have asked about the fluorocarbon and have received mixed reviews. I understand it is suppose to be invisible in water. I have also heard it is not as strong or tough as regular tippet or leader. what are your thoughts?
  9. Great list. Also if you are fishing tailwaters do not forget your midge patterns. Zebra midge quick and inexpensive and can tie a ton of them quickly.
  10. My wife makes jewelry. She recently changed some of the materials she uses so I inherited thousands of different glass beads that fit my hooks perfectly. How many have looked at road kill only to have the wife say no? Or is it just me? I also use the magnets that come in the TMC packs for my hook boxes.
  11. Awesome desk. Hopefully it doesnt stay that clean for too long.
  12. Thanks Peterjay. You made the point better than I did. New to this forum and trying to help out fellow fly tiers who are starting out.
  13. Greetings all, 4 years ago my friend did something really dirty to me and got me started on fly fishing. Maybe I will forgive him eventually. Anyways I am always looking for material or accessories in places other than fly shops. At Micheal's I have found small parts containers that have 4,6 or 8 compartments. They are great fly boxes for my midge, nymph or dry flies. These little boxes don't take up as much room as regular fly box. The best part they sell for about a buck a piece. My other haunt is Hobby Lobby. They have have an assortment of peacock herl, swords and eyes. Also they have lots of feathers and foam sheets. The ostrich herl they sell I don't recommend, it has a tendency to break. This for folks who are starting out. If you have any idea's yourself pass them around.
  14. Greetings all, I am new to your forums and eager to pick brains to improve. I have been flying and tying for about four years now. In fact I started tying flies before I cast. My question is: Which do you prefer simple and economical or complicated and more expensive? Example of simple would be a zebra midge. I know some of you are going to answer with the depends on what you are fishing for answer. This is just to see if I am the only one that tries to keep my costly addiction to a minimum or not.
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