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  1. I got my set from Wetsockon on Monday. I also got two of my favorite materials, a bag of dubbing and some Congo hair. Thanks again for hosting vicrider.
  2. Got my set yesterday. Thank you for hosting vicrider
  3. green

    pike flies

    Wow! Those are really impressive. I'm sure they will catch you many large pike.
  4. I would be interested in joining another musky swap.
  5. All 24 flies are complete and should be heading your way early next week. If nobody else joins you can keep the extras.
  6. I will also be tying everyone a royal wulff
  7. will have them all finished ny this evening. Im really proud of myself. These are the best flies I've tied in awhile
  8. Well you know I'm in. Thanks a lot for hosting Not sure what I'll be doing yet. Probably a nymph
  9. Now I'm confused. Do you mean you will change the other swap? If so I would join.
  10. I thought it was natural colored.
  11. Well as usual my fly is the worst. Any tips would be appreciated.
  12. I don't want to be responsible for everyone's flies.
  13. I would like to do a swap where everyone ties a fly with a peacock and floss body( Any color floss.) like that found on the royal Wulff. The fly can be anything as long as it has the required peacock and floss body. IF you are interested in hosting or participating comment below and we can get a list made up.
  14. No it is not deer hair. It appears to be some type of dubbing. Due to the dumbell eyes it probably sinks pretty quick.
  15. I recently got my first fly rod musky on the fly tied by ihang10.
  16. I got my flies last week. Great job everyone
  17. I tried 4 days ago. He never responded.
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