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  1. Got a small pair of non serrated needlenose pliers at Lowe's several years ago. They work great.
  2. Phg the trout may not like them but the carp sure do
  3. Im using a black Stealth Bomber tied on mustad 3366 in size 4. Gold and pearl Krystal flash for the wings. Orange and black rubber legs. Lazer dub for the underbody. Black craft foam for the body. Sorry cant figure out how to post a pic from my phone
  4. mojokayak


    Orvis podcast is great. Wish new episodes were more regular.
  5. For road food usually a stop at McDonalds for 2 mcdoubles and a coke. Or if stopping at a gas station, pepperoni roll and a Little Debbie Peanutbutter Cream Pie.
  6. Lynch's White Bellied Mouse is a killer top water fly for me.
  7. 8089 size 10 is equal to Mustad 3366 size 2
  8. i lost a diy box at the end of last season, that looked like the big box with the blue foam. it carries all of my big and over sized flies. for that box i used 3/8" foam. i also put slits in the foam, just like the $$$ boxes. there was more than enough meat to hold my flies in place (#10-2/0). to fasten the foam to the box, i used double-sided tape, as any glue type adhesives refuse to bond to the plastic. i'm still on the fence over what was the larger loss; the box or the flies. I made 4 fly boxes similar to yours. Gorilla Glue will hold the foam to the fly box, just put some scratches on the plastic first and follow the instructions on the glue.
  9. My fishing hat is. The rest of my clothing is natural, solid colors.
  10. Lynch's White Bellied Mouse. Had good success on bass last year with it.
  11. I caught one on a rope fly last summer. It was just short of 30". The fight was really a disappointment, it just kind of bent into an "s" shape and let me strip it in. The rope was a real pain to remove.
  12. The HoodRat and White Bellied Mouse are simple to tie top water mouse patterns.
  13. I always used black crystal flash for legs when I tied beetles for trout. Not super realistic looking but it was effective.
  14. I bought the kit from feather craft. They call it the DC Dodger. It has a good walking action. The kit includes detailed instructions with color photos. They recommend synthetic materials for the tail section. I use synthetic yak hair, crystal flash, and polar chenille. The tail is tied as a tube fly, then inserted into the back of the popper head. The kit comes with 2 metal discs to fish the tube fly separate as a streamer.
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