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  1. Has anyone found a source for hooks smaller than size 26?
  2. Theessentialfly.com website shows a pictorial view of the types of fly hooks
  3. My suggestion is to now go on youtube and search for beginning fly tying videos and you'll find literally hundreds of flies. I suggest you go to one of your local fly shops and ask what flies are used and when to use them from the people there to narrow down which flies to start tying first. After a while you'll find there is probably only a handful that you'll need to use on the local streams in your area.
  4. How do I know which hook to use? Which size, shape, thickness, length? Are all the hooks a standard size between manufacturers and if not how can I tell which hook compared to a different maker? Is a dry fly hook the same as a wet, streamer,scud, caddis? is their a simplified chart?
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