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  1. Great looking flies Moshup & Sandan. Same technique as for Moose Maine, but somehow I never made the connection. I now have a new use for my horse tail hair....thanks guys.
  2. 👍..Mark did you do any good with flies?
  3. Love it....never thought to use GP for legs, I will have to tie up a few. Thanks for posting Dfoster & thanks for the link nikever.
  4. Nice snook CB, and great video .... you got it all from hook up to net.
  5. Nice pattern Scott, dying black deer hair turned out real good.
  6. Thanks for the info Scott. I tried dying buck tail with Rit dye and it came out grey with bluish overtones. I really like the color but not what I expected.
  7. SBPatt I am liking the last two. Definite confidence patterns. Is it difficult dying the pheasant rump black?
  8. A lady gave birth to her son in the car on the way to the hospital. Her husband named the kid Carson.
  9. Thanks for posting Denduke. Attached is link https://www.purpletacoflysupply.com/?s=Grab+bag&post_type=product
  10. Cheap Canoe under Four Bucks
  11. Yes I am familiar as I grew up near Vinco. We probably fished a few of the same places. Some of my favorite trout streams I fished from that area in the 60’s were. Yellow Creek, Chest Creek, Clear Shade Creek, Laurel Run, Blacklick Creek, Loyalhanna Creek.
  12. Nice. The Pink Lady was the favourite fly of the famous author George La Branche in the early 1900's. The story goes that La Branche stumbled upon the recipe more or less by accident as he bought some King of Waters, a fly with a deep red body, that lost most of their red body colour when fished and turned pink. The pattern was later tied by Rube Cross and the Dettes and many others. This is a striking fly with its pink body and double-slip mallard quill wings. The recipe for the Pink Lady reads: Wing: Double-slip mallard quill, divided Tail: Medium ginger Body: Pink floss ribbed with narrow flat gold tinsel Hackle: Medium ginger Hook: Mustad 94840 (or similar classically shaped hook) Interesting History of Two Pink Ladies: The Pink Lady a Catskill Legend Two Vintage Recipes for Riparian Revelry (Sistas from different Mistas) https://dunmagazine.com/posts/the-pink-lady-a-catskill-legend
  13. You are welcome. My wife and I also take a daily tablet of Glucosamine Chondroitin from Wallgreens, which has helped with whole body joint pain. This worked so well we give our furry friend Sadie, the dog version (Hip & Joint) which has helped her as well.
  14. My wife and I both use a right hand wrist sleep support to help reduce or eliminate the pain we experience in our wrists. We don’t have carpal tunnel yet, but if I did I would probably use a CT wrist stabilizer.
  15. I prefer a smallish (4-1/4”) serrated scissor for 90% of my tying. Check out the attached link for an extensive article about fly tying scissors. https://globalflyfisher.com/reviews-tie-better-tying-tools/scissors-for-fly-tying
  16. Brilliant Mark. Where do you buy the eyes, and do they come smaller say 7 or 8 mm? Update: Didn’t realize this was an older post. looks like disc beads are available as a jewelry item at craft stores in many sizes and materials.
  17. I have cleaned many type tails and furs, that said it is important to remove the the fat and grease by hand. Any remaining fat and grease will cause the tail to smell in time. Dawn Dish Detergent Is by far the best for cleaning & cutting grease. If you can find it Dawn Oxi Is even better. Not only does it clean & cut grease, it also removes stains and leaves material with a fresh smell (sounds like a commercial right). For really dirty or stained material I will soak overnite in the detergent As a last step using a hair conditioner will make the fibers more manageable and stacking much easier. As CPHubert says borax will take care of bugs/eggs. I cover my material with borax instead of salt, then allow to dry and shake off after thoroughly dry. Borax= 20 Mule Team from Wallmart. Material cleaned with Hair shampoo will have a fragrance and will not hurt your material. In my opinion the fragrance is not strong enough to offend the fish. However Dawn is better for reasons stated.
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