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  1. Looking great. Don't forget to do some in obnoxious colors too. I had one I made similar to yours with loads of silver flashabou-like dubbing. The large mouth would not leave it alone. Nothing like the others artists are posting, but this is my confidence fly. I fish it like a streamer more often than not. Trout and panfish love it. 2 rubber legs, peacock herl and hen hackle Never thought to use leg material for the tail to add to the flys movement ....what a epiphany.I will need to include some of these in my box for my next outing.
  2. fshng2

    Net Upgrade

    A beefier option would be to bore a hole thru the entire length of the handle. Then attach both parts with a 3/8” threaded rod. Also a counterbore at the inside net surface, and at the oak extension would provide a way to conceal the lock washer and nut. Wood putty and a finish coat would complete the job.
  3. First class tying Norm, and praying you have a speedy recovery.
  4. fshng2

    Net Upgrade

    Nice work and rugged design.
  5. As a confidence booster tie two flies one with uv and one without. Apply floatant as you normally would. Put them both in a pan of water. Observe them at rest. Now agitate the water with a spoon and see if their is a difference.
  6. fshng2

    Fly boxes

    Darrell, where do you buy silicone slit strips?
  7. I'm not sure what the third one is used for but it looks like a great anti-intruder knife.
  8. Nice one Sean, that should work well anywhere there are crayfish.
  9. See attached Hatch chart. I find them to be pretty accurate as they usually follow yearly temperature changes. That said adjust accordingly if temps lead or lag the average. http://www.perfectflystore.com/hcsmokymtns.html FYI: BWO should def be on the list no matter what.
  10. Wow this tip makes it so much easier & faster....worth it's weight in Gold.
  11. fshng2


    Bring on the Garlic Butter or Cocktail Sauce!
  12. fshng2


    Nice work on the jigs & beautiful fish.
  13. Looks like the fish were cooperating, and everyone had fun. Thanks for posting
  14. fshng2

    Grass Shrimp 2/0

    I tightly secured the tubing with mono, so no glue needed.
  15. FYI contact info for extinct thread. Ed's Threads and Lines 4 Edenton Court, Ocoee, Florida 34761 Email: [email protected] Phone/Text: +1 (321) 345-7637 Proud resaler of Gudebrod products https://edgamble49.wixsite.com/threads-and-lines#!
  16. Check out Sam's 1. $49.98 "Lifetime 6' Commercial Grade Stacking Folding Table, Choose a Color" 6-feet in length, 30" in depth and 29" in height. It is made of high-density polyethylene available in three neutral colors: white granite, black and almond. https://www.samsclub.com/p/6-banquet-table-commerical-quality/prod6910044 2. $24.98 "Lifetime 30" Personal Table, Black" folding table" Has an X-frame 30" L x 20" W x 29" H https://www.samsclub.com/p/lifetime-30in-pertbl-30-in-pers-table/prod22150447
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