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  1. Denduke Inspired. Hook: #6 FH 830
  2. Really nice fish catching flies Denduke. This is one from hair collected after brushing our fur covered friend Sadie. Hook: #8 Herters 423R 3x long Thread: Veevus GSP 50 Shank: SHHN/Silver Holo Tinsel Under-Wing: Chinchilla Feather/Strung Fuzzy Fiber/Silver Tinsel Over-wing & Head: Sadie brushed tail/white areas on legs
  3. Ha Ha.... looks like the fish is saying “Oh No! “
  4. Sandan nice tying. Curious as to what your new toy is...hmm must be JC. What are you using to tie the streamer body?
  5. I did not take photo but wanted to share.
  6. Nice work Denduke.
  7. Very nice hopper Chugbug, and thanks for using & posting Aileen's Flexible Stretchable. I have used Aileen’s Fabric Fusion but didn’t know about the Flexible Stretchable.
  8. As handy as your are Mark you could probably make your own wing burner from scrap metal you have lying around.
  9. Nice ones Bimini,Mark & Scott. Scott I like the use of a single feather for the wing. Mark are you using a wing burner for the wings?
  10. Nice fish Chasing Tails, looks like your fly got er done.
  11. Nice one Chasing Tails. How has this worked for you?
  12. Coq De Leon Dark Pardo, Medium Pardo, Barred Dark Ginger, Dyed Copper Olive, Dyed Dun. 9
  13. Just noticed your post. Nice work, Micke.
  14. Real nice Denduke, I like the black contrast down the middle. I remember reading matukas are a favorite of Dave Whitlock's. All I know is they look like real fish, wiggle like real fish, and don't foul.
  15. Chug those are absolute #22 beauties.
  16. Just throwing it out there Tiemco makes a stronger heavy wire #22 nymph hook ...TMC 2488H.
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