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  1. Just noticed your post. Nice work, Micke.
  2. Real nice Denduke, I like the black contrast down the middle. I remember reading matukas are a favorite of Dave Whitlock's. All I know is they look like real fish, wiggle like real fish, and don't foul.
  3. Chug those are absolute #22 beauties.
  4. Just throwing it out there Tiemco makes a stronger heavy wire #22 nymph hook ...TMC 2488H.
  5. Hook: 2/0 Bait Holder Tail: Strung Fuzzy Fiber (SFF)/Ice Dub/white BT Body: SFF/Ice Dub Head: Monster Dub top & SFF bottom 3D Eyes: 5MM Thread: UTC GSP100 Lateral Line Polar Flash Lateral Line Polar Flash
  6. Awesome fly their cphubert. A Fish magnet in any stream with hellgrammites.
  7. Thanks Denduke and Mogup. Hook is Donal size #15 from E-bay very similar to Owner Mosquito 2/0 in shape, wire thickness and very sharp. Listing: 100 Pcs/lot Fishing Hooks Big Hook High Carbon Steel Bait Holder Fishhook 3#-16 seller marry0119
  8. Hook: 2/0 Bait Holder Tail: Badger hackle/silver Polarflash/white BT Body: Badger hackle doubled & palmered Tab Eyes: WTP 1/8" Thread: UTC GSP100
  9. This was the longest I ever looked at a fly for itโ€™s beauty. I noticed the color pattern repeats itself three times. Awesome tying.
  10. Check this FTF post for more on the subject.
  11. JStockard has Veevus GSP in all sizes. FYI they are also having a sale on some hooks, hair & fibers.
  12. McFly thanks for the info. The Congo hair streamer looks very nice. I like it's sparseness and will have to try one to see how it swims.
  13. That's one nice fly there Agler. Do you V stack tie the head?
  14. McFly have you ever done any of the EP type flies using FTD fibers?
  15. Nice.....love the shrimp they are perfect and BAD!!!!!!! I wonder if spraying the mesh with clear Plasti Dip would make it more durable? Rupert Harvey uses it on his Fat Boy Mullet
  16. The hook gap area adds weight to the streamer to help it keel. I like heavy wire wide gap hooks because they add more weight. I also feel they provide a better hook up and don't bend as easily when snagged. Always use a non slip loop knot as mikemac1 suggested. When tying material to the underside of the hook keep it sparse. This will reduce buoyancy and most importantly not interfere with the hook point.
  17. No, it will work just fine. When the fly is wet it will lay flatter to the body, and along with the tail it gives life to the fly.
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