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  1. petegray nice one. Should look good in the water. What did you use for the cheek plate?
  2. Thanks.I use flip flops for poppers and they hold up pretty good. I like gurglers and I thought why not make them from flip flops so they last awhile. Haven't tried it yet, but I'll post a pic when I do. islander727 I'd imagine it creates a bit more ruckus in the water as well? I'll bet you are right. Because the lip is rigid unlike sheet foam.....it should push more water. Let you know how it fishes when I try it.
  3. GC59 & Li'lDave nice work. Both of your patterns look similar, what materials did you use?
  4. Patterned after Jack Gartside's Gurgler. Body is a strip cut from a flip flop. Floats well and more durable than the usual foam.
  5. Nice one Saltydog. That is a very long hook.
  6. Nice..do you use barbell eyes? What fish do you target with these?
  7. Snot bait here in the NE usually around now, stripers love a simple pattern this is so cool. Thanks.I used two feathers. Frankly it would be easier to tie with one, and be just as effective.
  8. Nice job similar to matuka style tying. Does the Bone Dry Formula dry without being tacky?
  9. When living there, I fished NE Pennsylvania many times in months when guide tips freeze up. My solution was to fish with latex gloves. They still allow you to feel but keep your hands bone dry while acting like a wind break. I could fish all day with dry hands. I would take an occasional break or make a move to the next spot. This allowed me to warm one or both hands in my pockets. The warming hand process would be quicker today as the fishing I did was before hot hand packs were invented.
  10. May want to post pic again, can't view jpeg. Try jpg instead.
  11. For hooks in boxes you could transfer them to small zip lock bags. Include in bags any info from the hook package that you would cut out with scissors. Small zip lock bags can be found in craft stores and craft sections of big box stores. I keep all materials in some sort of zip lock bags small & large.
  12. Looks real nice should be a spitting image of a green caddis nymph. BTW how do you thin UV resin?
  13. Thanks guys. Definitely will fish it. I'll comment on how it swims as it is different.
  14. I wrap like most right handers over the top, but why do I fish left handed?
  15. Nice Flies guys. Finally got around to using some old corks I found at a flea market last year. Tools: Hacksaw, scapel, safety razor blade, sand paper 200 grit, latex gloves. First I prime with 2 coats of exterior gloss white and let set for a day. I used markers and then blended colors for the desired effect. Blending is achieved by quickly rubbing with a tissue that is slightly dampened with denatured alcohol. If you are unhappy with the first results a clean alcohol dampened tissue can completely remove all marker. For the final top coat I used solarez, the thin version. Lastly, hit with a UV light for a few minutes, then put in the sun to fully cure for a non tacky finish. A thin application of long curing epoxies also work well for top coat. The first one floats half submerged, and the second one is 2/3 submerged.
  16. Nice pattern. Marabou,foam & rubber legs .... what wouldn't want to bite it.
  17. The acrylic yarn is "homespun by Lion" and is 3 ply. After reading your post I decided to check the yarns strength. I took an 8 inch piece of one ply and folded it as I do when tying the streamer. I was impressed at how much force it took until it finally broke. I am liking this yarn more and more. mikechell, I would appreciate a link to Richmc's satin fiber flies.
  18. Phg I agree yarn certainly has it's place. Fiber that do not readily absorb water like Polyester and nylon work well on dry flies. Alot of fibers are candidates for all other flies. I would be interested to hear more about your presentation.
  19. Thanks mikechell. Some more Acrylic Dorsals.
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