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  1. Tied it last evening when my wife asked if I could use the scraps. Swam it in my pond this morning as it has been warm enough in Delaware not to freeze. It swam like a snake, probably will work good in salt too. I plan on tying more since they are easy to tie. FYI size 1 and 3 in long.
  2. I like the hacklestacker technique. Did you invent this? Nice work.
  3. Something new for me....."Acrylic Yarn". Pattern is sparse and quick to tie. First sparsley tie BT on bottom with nylon or antron for the belly. This provides a sturdy foundation to prevent the acrylic from fowling the hook. Then I used some scrap acrylic yarn from a project my wife is working on for the top. Added a little angelina flash before tying in the tab eyes and finished with CA adhesive. The acrylic fibers are very soft and limp. I threw it in our pond today and it swims like a snake.
  4. Thanks for the update Bryon. Sounds like a plan.
  5. Who tied this one toe tag missing?
  6. Who do credits go to that tied this nice one? It was missing the toe tag. Also who makes hook, I am guessing size 1?
  7. Received mine today, nice work guys.
  8. Looks like the hammer got your thumb Didn't stop you from a great SBS. Nice clean work.
  9. Nice flies Saltybum, Fisherboy, and Ditz2.Hook is Owner 3/0 Aki. Fly @ 6 1/2 inch, will post SBS when I can.
  10. Bryon thanks for the update and the compliment.
  11. White Moths went out yesterday. Outrigger leg design make them land upright, much the same as cutting a V in the bottom of a dry fly hackle does. Thanks for hosting Bryon.
  12. Got my flies yesterday. Everyone did a great job, I want to fish them all. It was like Christmas in August. Thanks for hosting Add147.
  13. Can be found in craft stores and looks like a bottle cork. Pores can be filled and cork is easy to work with. Balsa is more readily available, economic, and is also easy to work with. This link is geared to balsa and techniques can be applied to cork. http://www.buckeyeflyfishers.com/ultimatefly/desc/balsapoppers.pdf
  14. Seagull tap dancing http://www.weather.com/series/crazimals/video/who-knew-you-could-train-a-seagull-to-dance
  15. Google Seagull tap dances on command Now if he can just get it to point to the fish!
  16. "Generic Patterns" Something that comes to mind is LaFontaine's Sparkle Emerger which is easy to tie and could be done as a generic. Might even expand the scope to add a few nymphs and of course the minimalistic fly tying kit. This article would appeal to the masses.
  17. Kudos crackaig, very well done. Could easily be a feature in any fly fishing magazine.
  18. Are you still sampling/selling Angelina clear pearl finer stuff?
  19. fshng2

    BH Awesome

    Good stuff I got to try.
  20. Crazy Dad (AKA Crawdad) sent today.
  21. I am good with that, sorry to hear his flies were lost.
  22. I am sure you will always remember your lucky fly, as many of us do too. It doesn't get better than that...congrats!
  23. Tails and wings of dry flies, can also be put in a dubbing loop to make a bugger. I would skin, scrape off fat and dry with borax. If you don't want a whole skin split in half from head to tail. BTW save the tail to make thunder creek chubs. Groundhog on top and soft white bucktail for the belly, trout seem to love this color. Some ideas: http://globalflyfisher.com/patterns/woodchuck/
  24. Bryon, you missed Henrik Thomsen (DK)he was the third I'm in. Thanks for hosting the swap, this should be a good one.
  25. I see now, somehow I overlooked the part about falling into the water. Thanks for clearing that up. So...I'm in and will tie a moth.
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