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  1. I'm with ya, can't help looking at all the flip flops either. Now it's even gotten worse. I started looking at anything foam, exercize mats, foam exercize blocks, interlocking fatigue mats, boogy boards and pool noodles.
  2. Good SBS Mike nice twist. Would not have thought to put the synthetic under the boa to keep it from collapsing.I guess just cast in and look out!
  3. Nice work, thanks for sharing. I watched a video you are right it looks easy to tie. fshng2 (I too post on SOL)
  4. Brad could this pass for a clouser variation? If so you should enter the clouser swap, their are 3 spots open.
  5. Share some of your ideas. I was also hoping to do something a little different to make it more interesting.
  6. NP..this should be a good one.
  7. These foam comes with the coating in silver, bronze, pearl....I just color the shade with markers Thanks for the info dronlee, are you familiar with Loco Foam, it looks similar to yours.
  8. Flip Flop Popper Concave Belly allows room for hook point. Eliminates the need for cutting bottom flat just a matter of alignment when punching. Hoping this feature gives action and pop to the fly.
  9. Incredible realism on the crease flies dronlee! What do you use for color and top coating?
  10. Thanks again Gene L, heavynets and mikechell for sharing. Do you guys mind posting more pictures of your work? Wow..mikechell your Walmart tip is an unlimited resource for a variety of frugal popper material.
  11. Thanks for the helpful info Gene L, and heavynets. Does it seem the cheaper 99 cent FF's float better? heavynets nice Royal Poppers. I bet they really catch em with those chartreuse marabou tails.
  12. Thanks Mike. What does a Bream look like? Looked it up on Google and two type fish came up. One looked like a Carp and one a Bluegill.
  13. Stopped and got some flip flops yesterday. Used a rotating blade cutter until I got the right size flat stock and tied a cricket. Glad I finally got some stock, as you can see the flip flop was disappearing fast. Eventually Will try making some homemade dies for round stock. Mike I might just be approaching your frugal-ness as the rear legs were the stretch string used to tie the manufacturers logo to the flip flops. A black marker first applied to a swab then rubbed on for the finishing touch.
  14. Incredible,,,,,,do you use the foam fusing process for other flies?
  15. After reading this some time ago, and reading it again, decided to quote so it shows up as a reminder in my recent posts. This is something I have to do and I'm sure to be hooked. Thanks Mike great technique.
  16. More links for comparisons and cross references. Hook Anatomy: http://www.mustad.no/230912www/products/hookanatomy.html Hook Comparison: http://killroys.com/chart/hook-charts/ http://globalflyfisher.com/staff/scharabun/hookchart/ http://www.buckeyeflyfishers.com/articles/hook_xref/hookmust.htm http://www.mustad.no/signature/signature_chart09.html http://www.mustad.no/catalog/asia/products.php?id=8
  17. Never enough info on this topic. Especially with older part numbers. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Never thought to use those, thanks for the timley tip.
  19. Vicrider nice pictures of some talented work. Thanks for sharing. Do you have any suggestions for swap shipping containers for larger flies? As you mentioned a Sucrets box was too small.
  20. Just finished and sending soon. Ken Hanley's Pygmy Hopper
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