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  1. Mikechell grest tip, never thought to do that. Do you know if it works on bucktail? Will it bleed after it's been dried? I was planning to buy some dye from Dharma, their house dye is reasonable priced.
  2. Nice, should really wag wit the rabbit strip. How do you attach your eyes?
  3. Very nice work. Do you tie your pearl popper over preformed foam?
  4. I have to try the heatshrink trick on my HP's. I have some real soft rubbery stuff that should work.
  5. These nymphs look so realistic, just amazing. Could you also use lambskin condoms?
  6. I use 210 Denier Flat Waxed Nylon for my bigger flies and streamers. Flat thread ties with less bulk and leaves a smooth finish (can be smoothed with finger nail too). You can build a shape quickly if needed. Try a spool, I guarantee you will love it (get white as it can be colored with markers).
  7. At least 2 years ago I won a few online auctions for a bunch of boxes of old freshwater hooks. Most did not indicate their intended use nor could I find their part numbers in any books or online search. The task of sorting boiled down to what was said on this thread. Those that indicated light wire or looked like light wire went to my dry fly stash. The remaining shorter heavy wire hooks went with my wet fly stash, while longer heavty wire ones went to my streamers or large nymph bin. Another thing to mention. Wet flies and streamer often come in contact with rocks and submerged stuff. That is exactly why these hooks are made from heavier wire to prevent bending or breaking in these situations. Using heavy hooks is also a good idea when targeting really big fish.
  8. Too funny! (older TV fans) While forming tight loops before the cast, it would be called...The Flying Nun
  9. Thanks, I like the action of bucktail fibers when fished and the fact that they don't foul.
  10. If you want to increase the effective working time of your 30 minute epoxy, keeping it cold works very well. Being cold will make it briefly cold when you remove it from what is containing it. But it quickly warms up and becomes workable. Doing this has more than doubled my working time. No need to add anything to the epoxy via this method. Thanks for the tip, makes sense. I will definitely give this a try next time I epoxy.
  11. I have always tied and fished HPD. For the last several years I purposely set the hook to the extreme left or right and usually hook the fish in the side of the mouth. This has resulted in fewer missed strikes because the hook is less prone to pull out of the fishes mouth even if it' mouth is open. I am currently experimenting with HPU for streamers and nymphs. The top sides of a fishes mouth has even more surace area than the bottom. For this reason in addition to L or R hook set HPU may further improve hook up's to land more fish. It is interesting to note L or R hook set almost never goes down the throat. Just think by adding HPU to the mix could making Catch & Release easier.
  12. What Buzfly said. Tips: 1. 30 min vs 5 min will give more open time. You will be able to coat several flies before epoxy gets too thick. Can also mix in a few drops of of alcohol to thin for even more time. 2. Put on thin coat will produce less bubbles. 3. Drying wheel or rotisserie is a must for no sag or uniform thickness. 4. I always use Devcon 30 min and my local hardware store carries it. Good luck.
  13. Jim Misiuri www.youtube.com/user/TheFlymanJim JI'm has been tying for 25 years. I watch Davie Mcphail and In The Riff.
  14. Speed tying....interesting. Save time in the first and last step at a minimum. Improve dubbing time too.
  15. I like to use fabric fusion to fill in the gap. I really like the fact that it's safe to use, unlike epoxy. I do finish coat with epoxy.
  16. Thanks fisherboy for clearing that up. I can see why a brown trout would be interested in that fly, but a weakfish probably not.
  17. Thanks fisherboy for clearing that up. I can see why a brown trout would be interested in that fly, but a weakfish probably not.
  18. The 3D Molded Eyes look very realistic. Thanks for the link peterjay
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