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  1. Real nice.... a great day to remember for sure.
  2. Very nice Mark, if I ever was to fish there I wouldn’t want to leave.
  3. Thanks gang. Denduke Wow does it dive/wiggle? It dives but doesn"t wiggle. Notice in photo I changed the lip to a coffin shape and made it wider hoping to get it to wiggle. Both lip types dive but this one can dive deeper depending how the lip is bent. At 45 deg it dives 3 in and at 20 deg it dives 10 in. Lip is made from a milk jug, bends easily, and retains it"s shape. (July 12 correction: the angle will change when it is fished longer) MIke floats well and will turn over if it lands on it's side.
  4. Hook: Worm Offset Shank EWG 07143 Theory: Foam is flexible and can move closer to the hook shank allowing more of an exposed gap for a better hook up.
  5. Nice Poppers PD, silli legs look good. I like the frogs Philly, I will have to tie one. Sneaky Pete Hook: Herters #2 423R6XL Head: Cork Legs: FTD Bug Legs Tail: Bk Strung Hackle/Yel Maribou
  6. Thanks Philly. Great suggestion I will have to make sneaky Pete’s too. Nice one PD, whatever broke you off sounded big. Will you be adding squirmy worms to any more poppers, like you did to this one?
  7. Hook: #10 Mustad 94840 Tail: Pine Squirrel Body: Beaver Wing: Olive Poly Hackle: Furnace
  8. Hook: #10 Mustad 94840 Tail/Wing: Brown of Deer Tail Body: Beaver Head: Deer Body Hair
  9. Tried to do a Pole Dancer. It does have some action but not as good as Bisharat's. Good news it does catch em.
  10. Nice poppers Prime, what size hooks do you use?
  11. Those look good, I can see a Cdad there. Oh yea I tried the other two wiggle bugs tonight. The larger one (size 1) was two heavy for my liking even though it caught a bass. When I make more it will be with one less layer of foam.
  12. 4 refers to 1/4 inch so 4/4= 1inch and 5/4=1-1/4 inch
  13. Denduke..I thought they looked like a LazyIke too, but they are a wiggle bug pattern. I have fished the top one, it dives and wiggles good. The action is triggering strikes on bass that are usually harder to entice. I do short strips about 12/18" then pause & repeat. Nice Cicada, are they emerging in your area this year?
  14. Try https://www.hearnehardwoods.com/ They have 4/4 Hickory and over 100 species of wood in stock and recently opened back up June 6th. https://www.hearnehardwoods.com/price-list/#_hickory
  15. Hooks: 1, 4 & 6 straight eye Body: Craft Foam, Pearl Crystal Chenille Body Stiffiner: Strip of plastic from creamer bottle sandwiched between foam Rough up with sandpaper on both sides before super glueing Tail: Orange Maribou, pearl crystal flash, phos orange FTD leech dubbing Part 1 http://www.eflytyer.com/patterns/wiggle_bug.html Part 2 http://www.eflytyer.com/patterns/wiggle2.html
  16. Real nice deer hair poppers CB. Do you use glue on the mouth area? Denduke you really got your mo-jo going ... they look fantastic. What did you use for the props on the first four?
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