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    Thanks gang.

    Denduke Wow does it dive/wiggle? It dives but doesn"t wiggle. Notice in photo I changed the lip to a coffin shape and made it wider hoping to get it to wiggle. Both lip types dive but this one can dive deeper depending how the lip is bent. At 45 deg it dives 3 in and at 20 deg it dives 10 in. Lip is made from a milk jug, bends easily, and retains it"s shape. (July 12 correction: the angle will change when it is fished longer)

    MIke floats well and will turn over if it lands on it's side.


  2. 5 hours ago, Bryon Anderson said:

    Michael, I wish I could find some Hickory locally. The green handle is Ash with Box Elder burl. The blue one is curly maple with maple burl. Both sets of lamination strips are Ash and Cherry.

    I keep trying to find Hickory; it's a favorite of mine. The only place I can find it is Menards, but they only have 3/4 boards and I like 4/4 


    Try https://www.hearnehardwoods.com/

    They have 4/4 Hickory and over 100 species of wood in stock and recently opened back up June 6th.


  3. gu8GS2i.jpg

    Hooks: 1, 4 & 6 straight eye

    Body: Craft Foam, Pearl Crystal Chenille

    Body Stiffiner: Strip of plastic from creamer bottle sandwiched between foam

    Rough up with sandpaper on both sides before super glueing

    Tail: Orange Maribou, pearl crystal flash, phos orange FTD leech dubbing

    Part 1   http://www.eflytyer.com/patterns/wiggle_bug.html

    Part 2   http://www.eflytyer.com/patterns/wiggle2.html


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