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  1. Hi Swamp Fly, I just checked on my laptop (logged in) and phone (not logged in) and both are showing the picture. About you friend, I would stay clear of that area. Mark the other shark must have been huge. looks like two bites and down the hatch.
  2. 3/16/2020 Sebastian Inlet
  3. Airheads by Gary Lafontaine http://flyproject.us/2018/06/07/gary-lafontaines-airhead-fly-3-reasons-you-should-fish-this-fly/
  4. I would be livid. What brand do we need to stay clear of?
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    Fish Pictures

    Wait, you don't see any red spots? How many fingers am I holding up? Ha...with or without my glasses?
  6. fshng2

    Fish Pictures

    Might be my eyes but I think I see a row of red spots on that fish. Couldn't see spots on my tablet but you are correct they are there when I look at my computer. The red spots appear to have a white halo around them, and the remaining spots are dark, both typical of a brown. It just didn't look like a brown to me earlier because I couldn't see any worm like markings on the back nor were the fins and tail marked with a prominent white edging that you expect to see with a brook trout. After a better look I'm convinced it's a brown.
  7. Material I collect from the wild... works for me. Whole skins or capes from: Deer, gray & red squirrel, rabbit, black mink, ground hog, muskrat, turkey, pheasant, grouse & mallard duck. Parts: Bucktails, Canadian goose feathers, porcupine quills, skunk tail. The advantage of a whole skins or capes as Mark said, gives you a larger variety of material to use.
  8. From attached Link. https://world-ostrich.org/standards/ostrich-feather-structure-and-quality/ Classifications of the width of the plumules: 1. very narrow (3 4mm) 2. narrow (5 6mm) 3. moderately wide (7 8 mm) 4. wide (9 10 mm) 5. very wide (11 12mm). Lamplight Feather Inc : https://tonyhill.net/categories/ostrich-feathers-small-medium-and-large.html My best guess for wider plumules or longer barbs would be to try a large wing plume from a mature male. I suspect you probably have feathers from a different part of the body, from a female, or a young bird which likely have shorter barbs. The folks at Lamplight Feather should be able to help.
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    Fish Pictures

    I would say brown also because I don’t see any red spots.
  10. fshng2

    Fish Pictures

    Nice...It’s great to get out and do some fishin!
  11. I shaped the bottom two but I found the cork already shaped on the top two at a flea market.
  12. E-bay 10 TROLL RITE Jig Heads 1/2oz X STRONG HOOK Color Choice T&A JIGS SALTWATER BONEFISH JIG HEADS Unpainted 3/16oz Permit jigs #1 or 1/0 hook steel or BN HOOK BONEFISH JIGS 1/4oz 1/0 black nickel hooks Permit Flats Trout Redfish T&A JIGS
  13. Anyone remember these bug eyed twin tails? I bought these along with others of the same type in the late 70's. These were the only ones left that were not badly chewed. The bottom one is not so lucky as it's missing one of it's tails and an eye.
  14. It's been awhile since I made it. Used a rotary cutter to make a strip from a flip flop. Then folded it over the hook, Ca glued smaller piece in between for shape then applied final Ca glue.
  15. Very nice poop deck. I especially like those synthetic corks as they are soft enough to shape, are durable and float well. Stmflies nice work, you are a master spin doctor.
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    Very nice Splinters! You’ve been working overtime.
  17. This is a cool-looking frog! Is that foam at the end of the tail? I assume, from the name, that the tail "swims" back and forth when it's stripped, is that right? Yes the paddle is foam which moves back and forth when stripped. The tail is a flexible rubber tubing from AC Moore.
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    Frame their wedding invitation. Buy a nice frame and frame it yourself. You could even write something nice and glue or double stick tape it on the back
  19. Nice work, I did well with that color combo last year....something they like about the copper flash.
  20. Fire hole 570BL size 1. Nice assortment of baitfish Sandflyx, looks like you covered all the bases.
  21. A well kept secret ......they have some wild parties in Alaska. No doubt inspired by The Aurora Borealis.
  22. Big Eye Clouser Smelt
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