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    Nice Denduke..that rat will probably find.a big predator fished close to the bank or near Lilly pads. Been thinking about tying up some master splinters for bass and big trout.
  2. Stippled Popper, Flytire, Capt Bob LeMay thanks for fly postings. TheCreme thanks for the info Sam sure has some nice flies.
  3. Denduke, Philly, Tidewaterfly and Poopdeck nice bunch of flies and welcome to the party.
  4. Good times, thanks for sharing Mark. Reminds me of when my brother put together a weekend trout camping trip a few years back. I think their were 10 of us....we are planning another trip this year should be fun.
  5. Thanks Flat Rock, I thought it will be a fun thread and a way to share our talents. Who knows maybe it's a category that can be added to the "Species/Tying Style Specific Forums" section. X2 Denduke is always welcome here, his skills are top shelf.
  6. Flytire, nice selection of poppers, pencil poppers and I'm guessing a slider. This gives me some good ideas for color schemes.
  7. Thanks Denduke. After fishing the Dragon Diver yesterday I decided it's a keeper. It's a very shallow diver and puts out a decent spray. Maybe a little tail weight would help with the diving tho. Easy enough to experiment by wrapping some lead at the hook bend. I was torn as to where to put my post. It would be nice if their was a "Popper, Slider, Diver Salt & Fresh Water" section. After all it is a tying style isn't it? Nothing seemed to fit in the "Species/Tying Style Specific Forums" section. I always look forward to reading your top notch posts because of your unique inventive style, to keeping fly tying new and exciting. I will probably try the foam disc fly you tie as I have been looking for a diving fly. After all, the fish seem to all agree.
  8. Fished the dragon yesterday until dark when it was hung up in a tree. I’ll go back today and get it. It floats better than I expected, throws a decent spray ,and dives slightly when stripped. All in all I like the action and will probably make more. Cream I like the walk the dog on your fly. Any tips on doing this in foam or balsa? Mike nice flies. I like the flip flop kind too as they are quick to tie, don’t cost much, and are durable.
  9. Dragon Diver: Head Material: Synthetic Wine Cork Slice a 3/16" thick circle from the cork and fold it with a vice grip then CA glue it to shape. Who Me?
  10. Show us your patterns, they can be made from any type materials for fresh or salt water fish. This also includes Floaters: Floaters include anything that floats without the need for a fly floatant.
  11. Check out CGH Custom Tackle foam designs (disclamer I am not affliated just amazed) https://www.cghcustomtackle.com/product-page/coola-popper-fly-3-0-1 https://www.cghcustomtackle.com/product-page/soft-chew-wiggler-fly-original-3-5 https://www.cghcustomtackle.com/product-page/crick-biscuit-fly-2-0 https://www.cghcustomtackle.com/product-page/double-dipper-weedless-frog-fly-large-3 https://www.cghcustomtackle.com/poppers-surface-flies
  12. Crabs and tutorials tied by Dron Lee . Buggy Crab Tutorial. http://flytyingnation.com/buggy-crab/ Fighting Crab Tutorial. https://flytyingnation.com/fighting-crab/
  13. Place most of the foam on the side of the hook shank you want to float up and it will float to that side. In addition trim spikey material from the bottom like hackle points, or excessive dubbing. Lastly check your design in a pan of water. Post what you finally tye if you still have questions, and someone here can help.
  14. As with any fly type, impressionistic or vague impressions are all that are needed for them to work. That said I sometimes use a real example for a reference to help approximate size, shape and maybe color.
  15. DrLogik thanks for the info, I'll have to get a few 3/8" magnets. I have a 3/4" neo magnet at my tying bench. It's holding power is amazing, some things I have put there are difficult to get off.
  16. Look at the other table with the punch bowl.
  17. DrLogik great idea. I have the same chest box...do you just put one magnet inside to hold the one on the outside?
  18. Nice pics Mark. Always fun catching on stuff you tie yourself.
  19. Nice one and welcome to the site. BTW what size hook do you use?
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