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  1. I would say its probly your DVD player. The one that is hooked up to my tv doesn't work with many of the dvd's my uncle brings over but they work fine in My portable dvd player.
  2. Ants are easy to tie and effective. Also a stealth Bomber is easy to tie and catchs LM Bass.
  3. I bought one and there were several hackles that needed to be thrown because of poop quality but for 10 dollars it was a great buy and I use it alot for bluegil and bass flies.
  4. Hobby Lobby! . Alot of my stuff is bought from stores like this. But for the materials that can't be bouhgt there are bought at Cabelas.
  5. I do alot of ice fishing but don't use flies alot. I use them mostly for trout. I have also used them for crappie and bluegill in clear water with sucsess. But Most of the pan fish I catch are caught on waxies or Berkely Power Bait and Gulp. For walleyes and yellow bass I catch them on minnows and a spoon.
  6. Dry fly hackle. WHen ever I tie a dry fly it won't float. It always sinks. Whats the best way to do hackle so the fly floats?
  7. Cabelas sells the materials to make it. They also sell the already made fly.
  8. Last year my best producer was a Summer Special. Its a small size 12-6 bee.
  9. I also use a gym bag. Its the biggest I could find. I put all my tools and most of my materials. It gets heavy but i can fit ALOT into that bag.
  10. MY favorite fly for bluegills is a Summer Special. Its a bee pattern. The only things I change is use white rubber legs instead of moose main and I don't tie in eyes. My 2nd fav. is a chernoble ant. 3rd is a hairs ear nymph. But there are tons of different flys that catch lots of blue gills.
  11. I have never really found the need to use leach fly be cause Most of the leaches I use are plastic and I already have many dif colors and sizes of Berkely leaches for bass but I caught a cat fish last week on a large nymph pattern its stomach was full of leaches about size 14-12 and I don't have any leaches that size and I think It would be another fly to try. I want durable flies. That being said lets see all the patterns.
  12. Air heads catch alot of gills for me. So do alot of little streams patterns and wet flies. During a hatch drys are awsome but my fav would have to be a summers special(bee pattern).
  13. You can change colors how ever you want. It might just work. Ever see a Brown and Yellow bee? I havn't but I've tied them and they catch fish sometimes better than Black and Yellow ones.
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