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  1. Don't leave 'em where your roommates cats can get 'em man I miss my dog Pauly
  2. just wondred if you pulled the trigger on the vise or not and if so how you like it Pauly
  3. one thing I will add it that it is not compatible with the au sable speed crank even thought the website says "ALL" presentation vises it does not include this one I e-mailed renzetti about this and got a ONE WORD response, just NO PAuly
  4. I have one, I LOVE it it's treated me very well got it last winter, tyed ALOT on it I got the pedestal, and it's huge and awesome the jaws are great I upgraded from my traveler and there is a noticalbe difference in "tyabilty" It's just great, there aren't enough words for it thats it holding the stimmy the ratcheting arm is ok, but I hardly ever use it but everything else has been great Pauly
  5. I was just taugh how to furl yay furled leaders Pauly
  6. JUst read a post in the beginners corner on tying termanology, is it feasable that we set up a user submitted dictionary of tying and maybe fishing terms on here if it was easily searchale I'd hit it frequnetly I wish I knew more about computers than merely how to turn them on or I would offer to help more respect to those who know programming and junk :dunno: :headbang: :thumbup: :thumbsup: :serenade: :punk: :drunk: :cheers: :yahoo:
  7. anybody agree 2 biggest advances Pauly
  8. This guy was at the midwest expo too, let me know, I was gonna go back and buy one but forgot Pauly
  9. I totally respect your ritual, and if more people had your mindest on unemploment we'd be MUCH better off I just don't like shaving, yeha, beards are ugly, but if it keeps growing there, it must be there for a reason, so I let it grow good luck Pauly
  10. "Did things like shaving every day ..... to make sure I didn't get complacent." ummm why? but way to go, slow and steady wins the race and all Pauly
  11. A Naked man walks into the psycologist's office the shrink says "I used to think you were crazy, But now, I can clearly see your nuts" Pauly
  12. I got a small double action pump at wally world (please forgive me, it was the only option at the time) it's about half the size of the normal pumps and was all of $6 the battery powered pumps have proven slow and unreliable in my experience, and you really won't be fully deflating every time, I just let enough out of mine to get it in the car definatley look for double action though, they pump on both up and down stroke, REALLY quick and less hassle that electric Pauly
  13. I'd buy a whole new set up, but I'm accident prone the U shaped boats are much easier to get in and out of, but I kinda like being able to lean on the front of round tubed I currently use a fish cat, I would have no trouble napping away the day in it on the water just a thought Pauly
  14. the humminbird fish finder is great but keep in mind you get 400 hours of use on the green float, it senses when its wet and turns on, so if you leave it in the water it'll constatly drain the batteries, and its about 20 bucks for a new float I am thinking about getting one for this summer, much light and more compact than the fishing buddy, but the screen is much smaller, but just for finding drop offs and suc it'll be great Pauly
  15. let me make a couple of points in favor of tubes, ,since people are trying to steer you to a pontoon the tube is much smaller and lighter to transport or hike in to a lake in a tube you sit lower to the water and have less of a profile to the wind tubes are just plain fun OH and the most important, tubes double as living room furinture in hte off season check ou these fins, you strap them over top as opposed to sticking your toe into them, I like this design MUCH better out cast fins I was set on these until I scored a SWEET deal on some force fins, I thinking about getting a cheaper set up do I can drag friends along as well Pauly
  16. I'm in the mail today had em done a week ago, Comcast shut off my interenet by mistake and it took em a week to get it back up, so I couldn'r get the addy anywho, should be there soon, Pauly
  17. I had the fish cat, got rid of it, bought a difernt boat, had it out one day, took it back and got another fish cat it's a little big when deflated, but comfortable and easy to paddle good choice of boats the little area behind the seat is perfect for throwing a small cooler with lunch into Pauly
  18. one fromPauly as well
  19. Just a thought, but if CA is moisture activated could not one just put some distilled water in a spritzer bottle and give it a bit of a spray I am not claiming to know anything about chemistry, just what occured to me oh and that is one lovely damsel fly Pauly
  20. first off Phil I think you meant "Reel" philosopher second off. welcome, we could use some deep thoughts around here Pauly
  21. nevermind, I see the difference, not as much "shank" on the 1870s Pauly
  22. Day5 I just got 700, daiichi 1770 is various sizes from fly tyers online, I hadn't tied on them for years, used to use TMC 400T's, then about christmas time I dcided I wanted more, took me months to track some down, seems everbody but daiichi discontinued them, TMC, ORVIS Partridge, all gone, I am haveing fun with them and was glad to see the artcile in Fly tyer this month that was largely about these, looks great, but now I wish i had ordered something larger than a 10 what's the Difference between 1870 and 1770 are they heavy wire? Pauly
  23. Green Acres


    I work in Dundee, errr, Michigan, U.S.A that is welcome aboard, fair warning, you'll get hooked (no Pun Intended) Pauly
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