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  1. I feel when you go from a conservation group to a lobbying group you have sold out, same reason I won't support DU or RMEF and don't get me started on the SAHARA Club these grups spend more time and money patting themselves on hte back then they do actually doing stuff not my dollars, no thanks Pauly
  2. Jefferson's when I move it's the theme song from sanford and son Pauly
  3. I should have thought of the distilled water thing, :boat: after all H2O dosen't conduct electicity (go ahead somebody, challenge me on that one :flex: ) next time I will do that, the nail polish is a great Idea, I think maybe make sure it's not water based though thanks Pauly
  4. I just stick dollar stamps on em, yeah I may waste 13 cents but it's easier I have to get new mailers butI should be in the mail tomorow or monday Pauly
  5. got mine yesterday, :headbang: was 72, had grand thoughts of getting out soon and trying them today, 31 with 2 inches of fresh powder on the ground oh well, great batch of flies anyway, thanks to everyone Pauly
  6. Yeah, um next time get the battery out ASAP, as they tend to discharge themselves when shorted by the water and overheat of the 6 I have dropped into the lake all but two, including my current motorola have survived the last time it was in my pocket when I flippe dthe canoe without thinking I reached in hte pocket and grabbed it, it was out of the water before my head was up the battery was out as soon as the boat was righted, it's been almost a year and it's working fine, the other thing I feel I shoudl tell you, as I am sort of the voice of experience here, is that you probably cannot make a waranty claim on the phone anymore, like I did the first couple take hte battery out and look for a little red dot felt dot, if you see it, you can't make a waranty calim, that dot was white when you bought it and they turn red when they get wet, talk abotu conditioning the manufactures Good Luck Pauly
  7. Ever had a spool of thread that was just tangled on the spool, well, I just chucked my last spool of yellow cause there was noting I could do to save it, have to buy new tomorow got 3 done before it popped though Pauly
  8. I'm not a very good photographer but if you look close the back body on these is actually orange foam cut into a strip just wider than it was thick then wrapped up, the head is still dubbed float, yeah they float tied like this, sometime I'm gonna use a sharpie to veregate them too Pauly'
  9. I would even have Ukulele in hand waka waka
  10. I just run back and forth across the lving room until spring gets here bouncing off the walls hurts, but it breaks the monotiny Pauly
  11. I was there as well took seven pages of notes spent a grand total of 25 bucks, 10 for admission, 10 chipped in for gas, 5 for a raffle ticket to get the guy to leave me alone, I have no clue what It supports or what I will win Jackilins yellowstone sampler lecture was excellent Pauly
  12. I'm In How bout Zoo Cougars you guys want the traditional yellow/olive or something else Pauly'
  13. I have received mine as well sorry I've been ill, didn't feel like getting online to type, but I got em last week very nice selection thanks for hosting and thanks to all who participated Pauly
  14. don't call him shirley sorry, couldn't resist Pauly
  15. I'm for it but as anyone who has ever sipped a beer causally with me knows, I don't like clothes and use anyexcuse to get out of them I can anyway I have the solution, Eunuchs, non-sexual beings watching things how far are you willing to go to get a TSA job Pauly
  16. I LOVE BUS TRIPS let me at a bus trip and shanagins will insue I vote bus
  17. I have the DELL knockoff, I love the concept and it has proved really reliable, but the software for the PC is lousy and invasive to the point I listen while tying about half the time and to what do I listen you may ask books on tape, errrrr, mp3 and from do I get them you may ask Here librivox I didn't realize it at the time but I guess I got into this when things were first starting up it's all free cause al the books are in the public domain may I suggest, anything by Mark Twain, Treasure Island, Dr. Dolittle it's a great way to rehash some of the classics Pauly
  18. Fly time is from lewisburg I can't beleive he hasn't jumped in I lived in Wheeling for a while But and back in Michigan for now Pauly
  19. Last week it was the break room at work A few bars, after dicussing a technique that soembody just had to see There was an employee dorm lobby, but everytime the door opened stuff blew away Pauly
  20. I had a thought I'm new to swapping, got 4 uner my belt so far will host soon, but as I am moving soon I don't know where the flies will end up mailed too but I already have my first swap in mind for when I get where I going my thought was, would I be gong to far to ask for an e-mail address and a home phone from each of the swappers before they are allowed in I was just thinking that in the worst case I can get quicker confimation from drop outs, or late arrivals just a thought is this going too far oh, and if anyone beats me to a non-toxic nymph swap, I'll be absolutely crushed wink, and I guess I'd just have to host another later, what a drag, P.P.S. that was sarcastic, it's hard to type sarcasm, I really hope somebody picksup a no-tox nymph swap Pauly
  21. If you use whiskers remember to only cu t one side off at a time It screws up their equilibirum and they walk into walls for a week i can't wait til I get where I'm going and set up rabbit hutches again A couple of white angoras could keep all 7000 members here in dubbing for ever and their tasty Pauly
  22. Ok, Southwest canceled the flight guess I chill another day in baltmore Pauly
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