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  1. I hope southwest airlines aren't on snow delay I gotts fly from baltimore to Detroit in 3 hours Pauly
  2. On the gel-spun note, I beleive gudebroad had discontinued it, does anybody else make it for this specific app Pauly
  3. I sold optics for a few years and was not impressed with these this was the first couple of generations of these, they may have improved since but I found them hard to use for a few reasons. don't expect camera quality pictures or binoc quality viewing the first generation had no port for a data card, so when the batteries died all the pictures saved to the internal memory went away, I remember the model that had just come out when I left had SD card slots, definatly look for one with the slot maybe I am a little to snobby about my glass, but they just didn't impress me Pauly
  4. nymphs and nymph....oooh's thats not apropriate
  5. If I have kids they can never date anybody from this site people who care more about tying than lets say, routine Car maintenace make me sick that being said billy, you can always PM me with your daughters numbers i'm a fien upstanding citizen, who definatly didn't blow his exhaust manifold budget on tying materials last week Pauly
  6. Green Acres

    Hey Will

    good lord Have I been up for 36 hours or is that midget chick hot Pauly
  7. I love em for the heads on eggsucking leeches great for egg pattens as well Tied last might it's MUCH easier to use with a true rotary vise I leave a cup of water on the desk to cool tehm quickly, speeds p an already quick process Pauly
  8. maddog, I take 3$ on 3 minutes I think you may have something here as far as football, I'm just glad it'll be over for another year That is one American obsession I just can't fathim Pauly
  9. I'm getting really picky about beer lately I have a half case of yuengling left, I loves the lagers I can't wait to get to were I'm going and start brewing again, just no room here now but there is one trusted freind that never lets me down Captain Morgan and diet Pepsi with a lime, sipped through a twizzler with the ends bitten off classy no, tasty yes Pauly
  10. thanks Joe I hope you didn't go to too much trouble finding it I really recomend these flies if you want to try a different emerger amazing profile in the water Pauly
  11. I have caddisflies, I'll check back through it thought I found an equivilent partridge, only to find out it too is discountiued this is getting frustrating, Thanks for the great responses though Pauly
  12. got mine too, flies look great will be out first thing Saturday... err afternoon it was 5 degrees last night, put on some good ice thanks for hosting stony, Pauly
  13. You guys stepped up to the palte again thansk for all the advice I found a partridge YK6ST that looks like the same hook as well the guy who I ordered from carries it, So i am going to see if he can substitute these P.S. no affliation, but the order is foing through WWW.thetroutfitter.com, not the flashiest webpage but it's saturday and the staff has emailed and responded to me multiple times, depending on teh overall outcome, I will certainly order through these guys again Pauly
  14. Well, MY luck holds true Just ordered these hooks got an email back saying TMC has discontinued them I got 50 12's and 50 10's, NO 14's though looks like I'm back to bending or does anyone else make a hook like this? Pauly
  15. Not a great picture sorry, but thats what yer gettin from Me Peace Pauly
  16. this is the pattern sorry about the picture quality and I tied these at least 4 years ago so my tieing has improved leaps and bounds, but any critique is still welcome, I'm sure some of the habits I had then are still around\ there was an article on these in either fly tyer, american angler, or flyfisherman in 2002-2003 something like that if anyone happens to remeber it please let me kno thanks Pauly oh, I don't even remeber the name of this pattern
  17. Ok I just looked back at my bookmarks on this one I had found them and didn't even know it the picture on the site had been streched I thought it was a differnt model awesome myth busted Pauly
  18. WELL SON OF A....... thats exactly the hook I'm after funny, everywhere I've looked that never showed up, even my hook cross reference book next question, where do I get them I have looke dthrough stockard and others with no luck, I hope they aren't too much $ I was bending a 200R TMC, actually I think the Dai Ichi equivelant it's an emerger that rides point up, upside down from the way the picture in your reply is positioned, then you post and parachute on the flat spot up by the eye they float like a cork and you can see em a mile, give a super natural impression of an emerger just breaking through the surface film thanks a heap Pauly
  19. Ok, I tied up a bunch of emergers a couple years back that required me to put a 30 or so degree upward bend in the shank, If I get the camera working I'll post a pick of one of the few I have left I remeber I heated the shanks to keep them from snapping, but the more I think about doing that, dosen't that kill the hardening, just like over heating a drill bit anyone done this or have any advice thanks a bunch Pauly
  20. Green Acres

    Bird Soup?

    I forget which of the old guys I talk to I asked this too once, but the answer was this in a nut shell, the whole carcass goes to waste to my knowledge, the birds are gassed so that the killing method dosen't damage the feathers, it's teh only way to keep the pelt in tact and clean. any way, the poisions used are not good for consumption, even by animals, so it's not even going to feed pets or livestock, I beleive the carcasses are incinerated, This was an answer given about domestically raised birds, I would suspect imported birds are different, depending on where they are imported from, Just another notch for the gluttoness U.S. society today This is what I was told, I welcome confirmation or disprovel, I wonder if we could get people rallied to change this practice thanks Pauly
  21. Squat thrusts Steve enough work on the backside and you'll be able to crush walnuts, makes popping tops easy :butt: + :drunk: = :cheers:
  22. the best advice I've heard for judgeing how big a clump of something to use has been "pick up what you think is the right amount, put two hirds of it back, tie in the rest" I tie very sparse on most of my dries personal preferance to some extent it'll catch fish as is though I'd bettcha Pauly
  23. I got my hands on one of those yesterday and WOW! Yeah, it's spendy, but if yer a faller that travels and ties alot that could be infinatley worth it I'm thinking load the spare vise and have it ready to go at a moments notice. I'd love to see a few picks of it loaded if you are so equipped Pauly
  24. Ok, sorry for the delay, I've had these tied for a week or better but they are in the mail now my five days of vacation this week turned into a 6 day work week, I love my co-workers anyway, it's on the way, Pauly
  25. Flies are in the mail which means all of the 4 swaps I'm in are tied and mailed better look for some more Pauly
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