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  1. I hit a closeout once, guy was getting rid if stuff to remodel his shop spent less than 20 bucks, got backs of stuff I still have 15 different colors of orange austraillian possum, if memory serves the y were .05 a pack Pauly
  2. I have the cheap plastic griffin I use the hackle gauge often, but I use the hook sizing gauge all the time usually I can eyeball a hook size, but if I haven't tied in a while, or if I've been at it too long that day, I I use the gauge I don;t think I paid more than 5 bucks for the thing But it's been so long they may not even make it Pauly
  3. sweet, I'm in Michigan, the only thing that causes cancer here is eating our fish
  4. I lived in WV for a while A few of the barber shops just had signs that said "mullets here" some of 'em were just scary Pauly
  5. I asked my father to collect all of the little white desicant packs he gets in packages at work ,appretly they already had a drawer full of them. The little white pouches filled with silicon, or silica or silicone I never remeber, that say "DO NOT EAT" on them I use multi companrtment plano boxes and toss a cople of those packs in their to assure the humidity "yup, we got that in Michigan" dosen't, umm, discolor the hooks Pauly
  6. lets say I've had a lot of experience with cabelas, and even though they have a retail store 20 miles from me I have been buying everything but hooks from stockards lately bout to put another order in today Pauly
  7. Hi mike I use 50 lb salt water line .028" diameter The smallest spool I could find was 275 yards If you want some, I haven't even put a dent in this spool, shoot me a pm and I'll send you a few feet, it lasts forever P.S. this is the same stuff I use for weedguards, It;s a little tough to work with but stiffer on the finished fly Pauly
  8. who carries these ZDO bags I'm assuming they are zipped at both ends I've been looking for something like that PAuly
  9. thats the plan, I've been practicing my flipping wrist action be ready for the grill soon It's a choice of being broke here, or being broke there Pauly
  10. you can take comfort in one fact, your not in michigan I'm not fired yet but I've been looking to change for months now and there is nothing here heard on the news last week michigan has moved from number 2 to number 1 on the unemployment list, guess I'll just have to move to montana you coming? pauly
  11. faster I just placed my first order from them, got a whole pile of stuff for less than the gas to my local shop woulda cost placed the order sunday and had the products wendsday, can't beat that, Pauly
  12. Green Acres

    An observation

    but but, with out my shiny boat how will I prove to everybody how big my, mmmhmmm.... ego is even the most expensive rod can't help me overcompensate from 50 feet away I want everybody to know I am special Pauly
  13. When I bought my Jaws I think I paid 65 on clearance I would be a little leary of this vise, not that there is anything you can do to hurt a renzetti I bet it's the old screw type jaws, check it out, if it's got two screws on the jaws instead of one screw and one lever, just stand warned your gonna be doing more work everytime you change hooks I bought my traveler when screw jaws was the only option, and it stills works incredibly well but I did swtich to cam jaws eventualy and would never go back to the screw, event to save 60 bucks I think of this as an investment, you'll have it forever if you take minimal care of it, and I really don't worry about the O-ring that people seem to freak about, they are a nickel at the hardware store, but I have not had any trouble with them Pauly P.S. they have announced a new presentation 2000 model that looks sweet, suggested retail 250, so I suspect it will retail between 200 and 225 just a thought, I don't see it on there website yet though
  14. yeah I could be talked into that Pauly
  15. I'd buy one plus with the leap year and all it would be accurate every 18 years I think it is i would have no proble paying say, up to 30 bucks fo rsomething like that and I love the sepcies specific idea Pauly
  16. As I have been moving around the country alot the last four years I have just kind of been adopting old desks from garbage heaps and friends giveaway piles. it has given me an intersting oppurtunity to tie on probably a dozen vastly different styles of desks. heres the skinny if there is a pencil drawer right under where the vise sits, it getes ripped off quickly, I like a my legs right up on the bottom of the plywood that my vises sits on the desk I currently use is nearly perfect save two points, it has a trim strip around the edge of the work surface,so when I go to brush it off the lip catches everything, and two, I like a heavy, sturdy desk, at a bit over 6 foot and 220 pounds, I can destroy a weak desk by leaning on it wrong, or grabbing it as I flip out of my chair, I'm a bit accident prone I have been working on plans for a desk to build, one thing I absolutly need is a desk that can be easily disassembled and moved out of a narrow doorway and to bart, I also never suffer from cold feet while tying thanks to a black lab(all black, moslty lab) Pauly
  17. Green Acres

    Need a name

    Samantha and sabrina were the girls names we picked out! We had two boys! I now have two female beagles named samantha and sabrina (briney). my two favorite TV witches Any way as a die hard Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy fan I lean towards Fenchurch, call the thing Fenny for short Don't panic, just remember to bring your towel :thumbsup: Pauly
  18. I know Cabela's used to sell them, but I can't find them on their website I got one there a couple of years ago at one of their retail stores it's basically just a medical capacitor with a diffrent tip keep the faith they are ou tthere and if you find them, I think you can replace just the tips, depending on whats gone wrong with yours Pauly
  19. I'd love to hear from AK I am really interested in Craig Mathews, specifically the work he does to manufacture/prepare materials for sale. I know this was in a magazine over the winter, but I really wanted to learn more from him How about one of these celebs I see every now and then in TV, fishin some tre' fasionable river with the famous guide, or the guide who takes the Celebs David Letterman fishes, If you want to fly me to his ranch in MT I'll camp out in front of the place until he gives in
  20. I have been using Cabela's hooks a lot lately, not as bendy as mustad and not as brittle as TMC I like em, price is right too Pauly
  21. I don't know if vinegar is the answer I boil metal bass guitar strings in vinegar to clean them I'm definatley a fan of trying to age them chemically though painting them flat black is a sure bet for a classy look though Pauly
  22. I had just switched to At&t when they merged with Cingular, so my contract went to them I had to sign a new contract with Cingular, couldn't back out, like it or not, so Just stuck it out and didn't change anything for about a year and a half, just recently the old AT&t service got so unuseably bad I was forced to change. some of the things I lost transfering over were the things I went to AT&T for in the first place I will say that since switching over sevice has been great, can't complain about that, but now I have to pay for text messaging, before it was unlimited free I still haven't encountered any network as wide spread, especially since the merger, thats my thoughts Pauly
  23. the 870 is the greatest firearm ever made, go ahead argue the point If I were looking for a shotgun right now it would be the CZ 712, or if you want a 20 gauge, the 720. It's been a few months, but the last time I looked they weighed in about 300 bucks for and autoloader(semi-automatic) they are based on an old berretta design, made in turket and imported by CZ on the other hand it's not listed on their website anymore, i'll be at the gun shop on tuesday and I'll find out then P.S. CZ firearms have proven themselves to be an incredible value in a very well crafted gun I have a couple of their rifles in both rimfire and centerfire and their pistols and can not say a single bad thing about them, this is not a paid endorsment, I buy my CZ's over the counter at full price like everybody else. they are acurate, attractive and affordable look 'em up at CZusa.com just a few thoughts
  24. I haven't tried different body colors myself. I have varied the wing case and legs. Currently my favorite wingcase is flashback material and I like Flashabou accent for the legs. I think they call it an anato-may when tied this way
  25. I think it is Stonefly company that makes a focused multiple LED light bulbs never go out, no power use, strange light that it gives off just a thought it's a bit pricier
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