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  1. I don't think the link worked it's canon digital rebel xt cabelas has it for 799 after rebate Canon Rebel XT seems like a deel, but I'm not sure sorry about the correction, pauly
  2. Hello It's time for me to step up to a better digital camera here's the model I'm looking at at cabelas[/url] any pros or cons to this model thanks for the help oh and I'm headed on vacation very soon, so i probably buying this guy tomorow thanks pauly
  3. Has anybody cast these, they look like they are gonna want to spin in flight? Pauly
  4. I use two Wal-Mart cheapies, one to my right and above and slightly behind the hook. The other shines over my left shoulder. I reposition them frequently but i do like having the light coming over my shoulder. the halogens get hot after a couple of hours but it seems to happen when it's time to stretch my legs anyway. I had a bulb go out a couple of weeks ago and was vry surprised at how much I missed the light, now there's a spare bulb for each in my drawer. I really like the light set up shown. Good luck Pauly
  5. If I were you, I would give him the flies and let him keep the hide. Don't get me wrong it's a ton of usefull hair, but the preperation is a pain you have two options for preparing the hide 1. send it to a tanners. Pro: clean and easy, Con: usually costs more than 100 bucks and is gone for a long time 2. tan it yourself. Pro: cheaper(tanning chemical kits can be gotten for as little as 15 bucks). Cons: you will need space to work, a large metal tub for the tanning, a flat table for the repeated scrapings and thinnings, and even if you follow the directions to the letter there is still a fair chance all of the hair will slip and fall off anyway. I have tried about 5 hides personally, results 2 useable, i mostly usable, 2 ruined the repeated scraping and rinsing and salting and scraping are a real time consumer and everything has to be done in a certain time frame over about two weeks so if you have lets say "a job" that might require you to be away from the house when the hide is ready to come out you run the risk of burning it. If you do decide to try it yourself look to the folks at Van Dykes taxidermy for help. Call them in advance and make sure your friend knows how to handle the hide in transport from the field to you. As soon as that animal falls steps must be taken to keep thehair from slipping. also remember every person uses different parts at diffrent rates, for me I can buy a lot of the specific hair I need for the 100+ dollars It would cost to have a hide professionally tanned.
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