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  1. Nice looking flies in this thread. I've been working on some deer hair poppers for the upcoming smallmouth boom here, but nothing that compares to the flies here.
  2. I care too much about my eyes to use a UV material. Tuffleye uses blue light instead of UV. There's a reason the medical field left UV for blue light over 50 years ago. All materials will have the tack, even supposedly "tack free" material. A little rubbing alcohol will take care of it.
  3. Thanks guys. Ya the bass are killer, but it's always crowded. Getting in to saltwater is pretty awesome though. I was at troutfest at the Guadalupe last weekend and it was really good. Just a pain to drive there.
  4. I'm in Uvalde between San Antonio and Del Rio. I know a lot of the guys in clubs in San Antonio, but it's almost 2 hours to their meetings. I've fished Amistad a couple times, but was the only fly fisherman the shops had seen in a long time. And when there is water in the rivers (hasn't been here for a while) it's all very limited access. I try and get to the Guadalupe or down to Corpus as much as possible, but that's only a few times a year.
  5. Hi I'm new here. Grew up fly fishing around the Sierras but now I'm in the middle of nowhere, TX. I don't make it down to the gulf as often as I'd like, but still try and find the smaller warm water areas as often as I can. Though I'd join to get a little more help and information if needed, since around here it's all bait and tackle guys. Glad to see there's still some of us "classy" fishermen out there. haha
  6. There was a good article on these in the latest "Fly Tyer" magazine as well if you have one of thise available. Had a couple different patterns if I remember right.
  7. I'm new here, but I've had good success with glow in the dark flies going for Reds in the gulf. Just throw any glow powder under your light cured acrylic (or whatever you use) and it should glow through. Works great making shrimp. I'm pretty sure there's a demo for it on the website for Tuffleye.
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