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  1. On the same YouTube page I found another version "EP Game Changer"
  2. This link was posted on another fly tying forum.
  3. Thanks, guys, for all the comments. I have since given up on trying to "imitate" the spinner, and my latest efforts have quite a bit less material then the originals (lost quite a bit of the crystal flash, added a little less buck tail, and made the tail a little more prominent). Don't know if the smallies notice, but they look a lot cleaner, and last a little longer.
  4. It's tied on a #8, 3x streamer hook. I started with a white buck tail with silver crystal flash tail, added a silver tinsel body overlaid with silver wire (for durability), tied in an underwing of white buck tail, a little more silver crystal flash, and a black buck tail overwing. I finished with a little clear fingernail polish on the head for more durability. I fished it either across and down or down and across, depending on the cover and how much brush and trees were behind me (ha ha), with short, erratic strips. I have since tied some variations, black and gold, olive green, chartreuse and gold, and brown and yellow with gold (baby smallmouth?). All of them have caught fish, but the black and gold, and black and silver seem to be the favored patterns.
  5. Over the past summer, I have been tearing up the local smallmouth population in the local river. I started out spin fishing for them using a Rooster Tail inline spinner, but lost the most effective one on a rock. I decided to try and imitate it with a buck tail streamer, this is what I came up with:
  6. I use Dave's Flexament by Rainy's. I always buy it with the thinner 'cause it's a little too thick for smaller flies. On my larger flies and streamers, I usually follow it up with some cheap clear finger nail polish I buy at the Family Dollar store, works just as well as Sally Hansen's and only sells for a dollar a bottle.
  7. Only music I listen to is wind, water, and birds. Who needs anything else?
  8. My step-son is a military policeman at Fort Campbell, Ky. I am extremely proud of him!! Given that, and being a veteran myself, I would like to thank ALL of our brave military for their service. Thank you my brothers-in-arms!!
  9. your right FTD, pretty cool!!
  10. I voted "vest", but decided to throw in my two cents after reading a few posts. For fly fishing, I use a vest with a multitude of pockets (it's a "Field and Stream") because I love the idea of being able to carry everything I need, including raincoat, water, snacks, and first aid kit. When I am spin fishing, I use a woman's purse, made of nylon, that I found at a yard sale. It is the perfect size for carrying a box of lures, and I use pin-on retractors to carry all my tools (forceps, clippers, etc.). I've had the purse for about 5 years now, and I ain't giving it up!! hahaha
  11. Some of the best peacock feathers I have found come from Joanne Fabrics and Michael's crafts. Cheap too!!
  12. I've been tying for about 5 years now, and have always had trouble tying wings (messed up fingers from my job), so I decided early on not to tie dry flies with wings. I have found the fish don't care. I have had equal success with my wingless flies, and those I have bought that have wings. Mike
  13. Thanks everyone!!! Here are some more pics from the "Fishin' Mission".
  14. Hello Everyone, My name is Mike. I live in Owosso, MI. I have fished all my life, and fly fishing for the past 20 yrs. I got into fly tying about 5 yrs. ago, mainly for something to do in the winter, and because I hated spending all that money on commercially tied flies (although I still buy a few). I mainly fish the Au Sable system but have been expanding my destinations lately. I usually go to Colorado once a year (my two best friends live there) for an annual "Fishin' Mission". Here's a pic from last years trip I am planning on posting more soon. Mike
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