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  1. Very nice. thanks for including your materials.
  2. Not sure why so many people have looked at it and not commented. Beautiful work.
  3. Here is a version of a house fly that I have been messing around with. It is on a size 14 Tiemco 200R. Body is black uv ice dub with mylar sheeting pulled over. color the inside with a black marker and it gets real green on the opposite side. Wings are blue dunn hen hackle. Eyes are balled up rust orange Antron dubbing, figure eight them to the hook with black thread. Head is black Antron dubbing added after eyes. Legs are black Turkey biots. Used Clear Cure Goo to make a small platform to glue the legs to, and then a tweezers to bend them into shape. I am a new member and have never posted before, so I hope I did it correctly. I would value any feedback anyone can give me.
  4. . Awesome looking fly. Here is a version that I did on a size 14 200R hook.
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