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  1. T.J. it looks really good to me. Just as a side note . .. I have learned that the better tools you have. You will tie better files. for now the most important things you are, 3 different pairs of scissors, 1 for just tying 1 to detail and one to cut synthetics and or wire nippers to cut wire 2 or 3 bobbins each with different things on them like floss, wire ,and thread,.. ect .. the best are ceramic bobbins and doctor slick are great scissors . This is just something to think about. Better tools tie better files. Take care of the things you have teat them like you would a pet or someone you don't want to see get hurt ( emotionally ) I personally have a problem treating my things like a pet. But please treat the things you have , Your rod, reel, line, fly tying stuff. etc ,... remember they will last you forever if you treat them with out must care. .. keep on tying. and take your time. your get the hang of it http://www.anglersworkshop.com/fly-tying/vises/rotating-spring-action-vise.html.
  2. i have seen thous 2 boys before somewhere hmmmmmmmmmm.... you guys ever been to the fly expo in Indiana
  3. this will be a list for websites for fly tying stuff. http://www.flytyingshop.co.uk/category-s/143.htm U.K. company http://www.cookshill-flytying.co.uk/talks.htm a great U.K. farm http://greatfeathers.com/materials/feathers/imported/index.aspx great for buying fly tying stuff from the U.K. http://www.aaronmostojfeathers.com/ a great website to buy salmon fly materials http://greencaddis.com/ great hooks for cheap. http://www.dryflies47.com/servlet/StoreFront came about this website one day. great section http://castlearms.com/ a great website for buying whole bird skins. and other goodies . http://www.bobmarriottsflyfishingstore.com/ i have bought some stuff from here and they got some great thread and a great section http://www.anglersworkshop.com/ i have bought some thread and materials from this store. quality customer service as well as section http://www.whitewaterflies.com/ http://www.whitefoxfurandfeatherco.bravehost.com/ a great website for whole skins from dubbing to whole peacock skins. as well as section and prices. http://www.flytyingfurs.com/index.htm same as state above but less stuff but great prices. http://www.bearsden.com/page226.html great selection http://www.featheremporium.com/index.html great website for any fly tier http://www.jimsflyco.com/ a great hackle section http://www.lakelandflytying.com/ great U.K. store http://www.anglersworkshop.com/ http://stenstromflies.blogspot.com/ A great blog for hard to find Catskill style dry files and emerging bugs. great craftsmanship and great for luring new files to tie.
  4. i can say the sate IL ( the state i live in) has very little mayfly hatches. i saw a yellow sally or big yellow mayfly. i am not sure on how many mayflies are native to IL but if looking at vote..and knowing what i know i would pick: Michigan, Colorado, New york,and California as the states with the most mayflies. if i had to pic on how many mayflies there are in USA but..don't forget canada. and alaska. North america mayflies should include canada and alaska. just as a side note
  5. My 2 books i would recommend if you can find them are http://compare.ebay.com/like/350363122070?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar and http://www.amazon.com/Tying-fishing-terrestrials-Gerald-Almy/dp/0811717461/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1367338044&sr=8-4&keywords=tying+terrestrials these books are old but very useful
  6. tctrout- Before there was Clearwater Hackle ..there was a father and daughter company ..and as they got older they wanted to retire. i Talked to the guy only 1 time on the phone real nice guy and when i saw they were no longer going to keep going i saw they gave the company to this family. This is the website http://www.conranch.com/ and now they gave it to a different family ..with a different name to the company http://www.clearwaterhackle.com/ to me the prices and lower. To you young novice tiers . BUY FROM http://www.clearwaterhackle.com/ CUZZ your get top notch hackle at a wonderful pirce. and when your mentor or fly tiying teacher comes to see what you got he or she will smile and say "wow those are nice hackles, were you but this and how much? " and believe me ..i may have been tying only for 4 to 5 years but buying a full skin from clearwater is worth every dollar saved up. I have learned cheap is not better at all.Every now and then if you have no hackle start buying 1 cape at a time. Grizzly is #1 in my typing style. Followed by Brown and White. If i had 3 choose and only 3 it would be ..in a hen or dry fly cape ..i would choose only Brown, Grizzly , and White. You guy who have been tying know that if you buy a Cream or White hackle cape you can dye it to any color you wish. I fish mainly peacock bodied flies like the Katermen, Renegade and Griffins Ghat. If you can't wait then but what you think you can afford.
  7. Hello my name is Colin i have been fly tying for about 4 to 5 years. I just recently spent $150 on ebay in all and got some real great cheap stuff. 10 or more collins farms necks and these are basic but..... they have real nice long, flexible web free streams.i decided to begin my hackle collection. I also got some Metz grade 2's for under $30. There is some good and bads i hear about Ebay but don't leave Ebay out. You get what you pay for. But yet again it may be better off for people who don't have lots of money to spend on capes. You also have to look hard. I have bought my share of stuff on ebay and they have great stuff for fly tiers. I recommend these sellers Theodore 71 and Sierraflyfish 14093 I was very pleased with the stuff i got from them. And remember send questions to the seller and if they don't know then if you know then point them in the right direction or help explain what you're looking for. I agree a lot of them are misinformed on what dry fly hackle is and well again you get what you pay for. To me the cheap is not the the way to go. If any of you novice or just starting out well this is what you should buy. Colin's Fly Tying kit A 2013 Renzetti Traveler vice. it may be pricey but it is way better to get a more pricy vice to start out on ( $159.95) Or you can get a 14 or $40 vice I recommend Bass pro White River classic vice. ______________________________________________________________________ Things you need to start tying. _____________________________ Bobbins about 4 or 5 in different sizes Thread if i was tying streamers i would use a 6/0 to not bulk up the body. i would also get these threads to start out on UTC 70 in black, brown, olive, white, red ... basically any color you want. UTC 140 in black, red, Olive...again you chose. this is my preference. UNI 6/0 in black only. 1 spool of 8/0 for dy files. Hooks sizes 12 down to size 20's __________________________________________________________ Stuff to tie with Depending on what you want to tie these are what i recommend the most. Pheasant tail in, Natural, black, brown, olive or green, Peacock hurl in Natural ,and also dyed: black, bright green, red....again you chose chenille in sizes fine to medium. Colors.. Black Brown yellow, white, olive. get Vangraded chelle in any colors i listed also. as well as vernelle or Ultra chenille in same colors. Ice dubbing in Caddies green, rusty brown , peacock. copper wire in any size and otr color Marabou in same colors as the chenille 3 dry fly capes in White and Brown and Grizzly Streamer capes or Bugger packs in, Black, Grizzly, Grizzly dyed olive, Brown or grizzly dyed coachmen brown, yellow..basically same color as chenille you will use for the woolly bugger. That is what i would recommend..If you want to subb for something you don't have..i wouldn't do that. I would buy what is recommended for that fly. Take your time tying and make it look neat and ask fellow tiers and or fly tying teacher on what he thinks will work for you. .
  8. here try this site they have silver wood duck barred and unbarred http://www.featheremporium.com/Exotic-Feathers/waterfowl/wood-duck.html
  9. Hello i am colin i live in bloomington IL i fish for bluegill and bass. if you fish woolly buggers here is what i would do woolly buggers Chenelle in Black, Brown, and Olive and White Marabou in Black, Brown, Olive, and White Hackle, Get a streamer capes in Black, Brown Olive, and White White is to mimic minnows Hooks i would get some 3x long streamer hooks in sizes, 8 to 12 The brand of hooks is all up to you
  10. http://www.barlowstackle.com/Hen-Saddle-Patches-P2209C152.aspx the hen patches are really great. the feathers are mostly all the same size. Nice colors and dyed as well Same site but the streamer necks are cheap too and i love the ginger and silver doctor blue. they have a natural barred i would like to try. http://www.barlowstackle.com/-Streamer-Rooster-Necks-P1105C152.aspx and http://www.barlowstackle.com/Indian-Rooster-Saddle-Patches-P2203C152.aspx
  11. Some capes are dyed light with blue. i just dyed some feathers with Kool-aid with a blue packet and the cream hackle was changed to a dun.
  12. On ebay they sell them in lots colors Here is some links http://www.ebay.com/sch/mikchan/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686 this guy as some good stuff http://www.featheremporium.com/Fly-Tying-Feathers/whiting-100-packs.html here is an other link that has cree 100 packs and many others
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